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Health Team Building:

Health Team Building Dr. Naval Asija

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My Team:

My Team Will the team get in B/w Doctor-Patient Reln . Will there be loss of confidentiality Will the Patient really benefit Will the Doctor benefit Yes: as a Bridge & not as portcullis Possibly: in case of inadequate training /poor selection Not necessarily: in case of a directionless team YES: if he is well motivated & willing to broaden his concepts of community medicine.

Why have My Team at all ?:

Why have My Team at all ? Official Reasons for promotion: - institutional/Hospital care Costly - many problems does not require specialist care in hospital - day care surgery/ follow up of chronic diseases - patients with social problems such as poverty, problem families, unemployment require prolonged care Community Reasons for promotion: - Helps in palliating social problems - promotion of family planning - institution of preventive measures - control of locally endemic diseases - screening & proactive approach

Health Teams in Hospitals:

Health Teams in Hospitals Interdisciplinary functioning unit composed of individuals with specialised and varied training who coordinate their actvities to provide sevice to patient Temporary teams, working in Shifts. Need system structures set up to effectuate collaboration. Specialist members need to become one functioning unit just as patient life is one organism. Improves quality of care and provides professional accountability Team work a valid method for meeting requirement of a dynamic treatment which concerns all that patient needs.

Team Characteristics:

Team Characteristics Consists of two or more individuals Identifiable leader Roles clearly defined Collaborative endeavour Specific protocols of operative norms & procedures to be followed Patient centred Task oriented Stable over time Candid communication

Team Building- Process :

Team Building- Process Selection of team mates Clarity of goals and objectives Differentiation of individual activities from team activities Sound procedures Creating support and trust Regular review of : Procedures, Resources, Performance Individual developement

Team building: Respect 3 Basic levels:

Team building: Respect 3 Basic levels Respect for oneself in ones professional role; ones strenths , weaknesses.( a nurse is not a little doctor) Respect for immediate occasions, including punctuality, attentiveness & willingness to listen & giving ones full self to a task that other member has initiated Respect for profession of every other member. None to be overlooked as inferior

Doctor as Team leader – Good Management Practices:

Doctor as Team leader – Good Management Practices To strive to achieve perfect coordination & cooperation with all team members so that efficiency and output of health team are high and work is intersting , satisfying and rewarding. Competence and Approachability Discipline Delegation of authority Democratic style of supervision

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The Next major breakthrough in Health – if we get it – will come not from transplants & similar dramatic & very costly procedures BUT from taking action{ good management practices} on enormous burden of death ,accident & sickness which we already know ; how to PREVENT

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