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How to Spin Yarn: A Brief Introduction


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Spinning 101:

Spinning 101

What is Spinning?:

What is Spinning? An ancient technique to creating fabrics Introduced in the Middle Ages Industrial Revolution Twentieth Century Spinning today Additional Resources

Types of Spinning Wheels:

Types of Spinning Wheels Pictured above is the Walking Wheel. Created in the 1800s, this wheel is so large that the spinner would have to walk to the orifice to spin yarn. This wheel has been featured in movies like Sleeping Beauty and Once Upon a Time . Pictured above are two modern spinning wheels, the Schacht Sidekick and the Bumblebee. Additional Resources

What can be spun?:

What can be spun? Animal fibers Alpaca Sheep Lamb Rabbit Goat Plant fibers Flax Cotton Milkweed Bamboo Hemp Additional Resources

A Goode View Alpaca Farm, Goode, Virginia:

A Goode View Alpaca Farm, Goode, Virginia Pictured above: Nava, Creativity, and Jacks enjoying a visit at A Goode View Alpaca Farm. Additional Resources

How to Prepare Fiber:

How to Prepare Fiber Combing Fiber ready to spin Additional Resources Hand Carders

Spinning projects: Start to finish:

Spinning projects: Start to finish Additional Resources This scarf was knit in a simple knit, purl stitch until the desired length. This braid of fiber, also called roving, is the finished product of removing 8 ounces of fiber over time from the hand carders. The yarn can be seen on the spinning wheel’s bobbin while the spinner continues to add to the bobbin.

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