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Get tempera grounds online from Natural Pigments. A huge range of tempera grounds including Easy Gesso, Grounds Set, Collagen Glue Set, Rublev Fluid Medium, Chalk Grounds Kit, Rabbit Skin Glue, Technical Gelatin, Marble Dust & more are available at the best prices. Visit us now at


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Get Tempera Grounds Online | Gesso for Oil Painting :

Get Tempera Grounds Online | Gesso for Oil Painting Rublev Colours Tempera Ground is formulated with a polymer emulsion that contains high levels of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and wollastonite to produce an easily sanded surface. The surface is very absorbent and specifically formulated as a ground for tempera painting. 

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Advanced Grounds Set The Advanced Grounds Set contain sixteen different fillers in a boxed set that is an excellent introduction to making your own grounds and mediums and as a great gift for the art student. The set is especially useful for exploring the function and behavior of different fillers in grounds and painting mediums.

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Easy Gesso Extra-Fine Easy Gesso Extra-Fine is a new formulation of our original Easy Gesso but with extra fine natural ground chalk and titanium dioxide. Prepare in the same way as Easy Gesso for a ground with a little less tooth.

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Rabbit Skin Glue This is a high grade glue made in the U.S. of pure animal collagen. It is a fine mesh granular glue that is easy to dissolve in water ideal for preparing sizing for canvas or panels, use in chalk or gesso grounds and as a medium in distemper painting.

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Advanced Chalk Grounds Kit Advanced Chalk Grounds Kit has all the tools and ingredients needed to make traditional chalk grounds for painting supports.

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Rublev Fluid Medium Rublev Fluid Medium is a multi-purpose, vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) polymer emulsion. Rublev Fluid Medium dries to a clear, soft and flexible film. Rublev Fluid Medium is ideal as a sealer for protecting against Support Induced Discoloration (SID), a condition resulting from impurities that are drawn up through an unprimed substrate as paint dries, discoloring the paint. 

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