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Get the oil paint drying medium online made by Natural Pigments. Oil painting mediums alter the working properties of paint. We offer best medium for oil painting at reasonable prices including Venetian medium, Epoxide oil gel, impasto putty, Velazquez medium & more. Visit us at


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Best Medium for Oil Painting | Buy Oil Paint Drying Medium Oil Painting Mediums alter the working properties of paint. Although called “mediums” mediums typically are composed of a binder and sometimes a solvent. Additives on the other hand consist of solvents oils waxes resins extender pigments and other substances that are used to change the consistency of paint.

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Oleogel Oleogel is a firm thixotropic gel made with linseed oil and fumed silica. Add to thicken colors for creating impasto effects that do not sink. Contains no driers so it is safe to use in oil painting without worry of cracking.

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Underpainting Transparent Base Underpainting Transparent Base is a fast- drying alkyd paste medium similar to Velázquez Medium in handling properties but much faster drying. This alkyd paste medium consists of finely ground calcite ground calcium carbonate and wollastonite in alkyd with mineral spirits. Use it to extend paint and form impastos while making paint longer. Makes colors slightly transparent allowing greater control over tints without using whites. Dries to a matte finish. Does not contain driers.

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Rublev Colours Oil Mediums Rublev Colours Oil Mediums are drying oils linseed or walnut purified and then thickened by exposure to sunlight and air until they are thick and light-colored. They are then thinned with spike oil distilled spirits of gum turpentine or odorless mineral spirits OMS.

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Rublesol Lite Rublesol Lite is a medium evaporating low-odor mineral spirits. It evaporates much more slowly than turpentine and slower than odorless mineral spirits allowing more open time and prolonged work. It also makes colors more matte upon drying. Rublesol Lite evaporates completely and leaves no residue. The solvent is highly refined and has very low levels of impurities —such as sulfur olefins and benzene. The total aromatic content is less than 1.

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Italian Varnish Italian Varnish sets quickly while providing translucency and body to oil colors when mixed with them in glazes. It gives a somewhat fluffy consistency to paint making possible many different ways of using this subtle technique.

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