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Casein Grounds are best for oil painting. Casein grounds are fast, drying & added flexibility of oil. Natural Pigments offers casein grounds for sale at the best prices. Buy chalk ground kits including easy gesso, tempera ground, bologna chalk, marble dust, alabaster, rublev fluid medium & more. Visit


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CASEIN GROUNDS FOR SALE | BUY CHALK GROUND KITS ONLINE The Natural Pigments Advanced Chalk Grounds Kit has all the tools and ingredients needed to make your own traditional chalk grounds to prepare rigid supports for painting.

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EASY GESSO An easy way to make real gesso. This is not an acrylic "gesso" mix. Its the real thing: hide glue and whiting chalk. But weve made it real easy: Mix equal amounts of warm water and the Easy Gesso powder wait a few hours for it to gel and then warm it until it is liquid enough to apply with a brush. Can also be applied cold as a soft gelatinous mass similar in consistency to tofu. The difference between real gesso and acrylic "gesso" or primers is silky soft surface that is absorbent to water-based paints.

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RUBLEV FLUID MEDIUM Rublev Fluid Medium is a multi-purpose vinyl acetate ethylene VAE polymer emulsion. Rublev Fluid Medium dries to a clear soft and flexible film. Rublev Fluid Medium is ideal as a sealer for protecting against Support Induced Discoloration SID a condition resulting from impurities that are drawn up through an unprimed substrate as paint dries discoloring the paint. Rublev Fluid Medium is also useful for diluting and extending colors increasing flexibility and film integrity sizing for fabric and sealing wood. Rublev Fluid Medium will wet out solids including pigments more readily than other polymers and is useful for artists formulating their own paints.

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TEMPERA GROUND Rublev Colours Tempera Ground is formulated with a polymer emulsion that contains high levels of titanium dioxide calcium carbonate and wollastonite to produce an easily sanded surface. The surface is very absorbent and specifically formulated as a ground for tempera painting providing a surface ideally suited for egg casein and collagen paint.

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VERONA RED MARBLE DUST Verona Red marble ground to medium coarse powder. Use this marble dust to make grounds for adding textural and handling qualities to paints and as filler in lime plastic for the intonaco layer of fresco. Imported from the world-class deposit in Italy it is ground to a granular particle size of 0 to 0.07 mm to retain its crystalline shape. Marble is calcite formed from limestone with heat and pressure over years in the earths crust. The pressure causes the limestone to change the particle structure causing it to recrystallize. Fossilized materials in the limestone along with its original carbonate minerals recrystallize to form large coarse grains of calcite.

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ALABASTER Alabaster also called satin spar is a natural crystalline mineral of hydrated calcium sulfate mined near Volterra between Florence and Sienna Italy. Softer than chalk 3 Mohs scale of mineral hardness its hardness of 1.5 to 2 makes a soft white gesso that is easier to polish to a smooth finish for gilding bases and painting grounds. Calcite or chalk being a carbonate effervesces on exposure to acids whereas gypsum alabaster when so treated remains practically unaffected.

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