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Thomas Stearns Eliot:

Thomas Stearns Eliot September 26, 1888 - Jan. 4, 1965


Life of T.S. Eliot Born September 26, 1888, St. Louis, Missouri Parents – Charlotte Champe Stearns Eliot and Henry Ware Eliot Earned B.A., M.A., and pursued a doctorate in philosophy at Harvard University More published poems appear in the Harvard Advocate 1915 - he met and married his first wife, Governess Vivienne Haigh -Wood Worked as schoolteacher and banker for several years before a nervous breakdown in 1921 1922 – Eliot established The Criterion , a literary magazine

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1925 – joins as director of the influential literary publishing house, Faber and Faber 1927 – became a British subject and a member of the Church of England Divorces his wife in 1932 Marries his secretary in 1957 Dies January 4, 1965; most likely from emphysema

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Literary Milestones 1905 – First poem published in Smith Academy Record 1917 – first book of poems Prufrock and Other Observations published 1922 – The Waste Land is published 1930s - moves focus from poetry to drama (Christian focus) 1945 – Four Quartets is published 1948 – wins Nobel Prize for Literature Eliot and Christianity: How is He Relevant to Modern Christianity After conversion, Eliot used his talents to glorify God.

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