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At Rightway, we offer capital equipment leases (lease-to-own), TRAC leases (lower interest rate, but lender takes depreciation), and operating leases (fair-market-value at termination) from $5,000 to $3 million. Whatever the lease, it will almost certainly increase your cash flow significantly.


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Slide 1: Right way Financial Business Credit Division

Slide 2: We’re in a competitive market and have nothing that is uniquely ours, i.e. our customers can certainly find financing from other sources. As a small broker, however, we provide our customers with superb service, plus we know the business world from a far more sophisticated perspective than larger firms who typically have young loan agents who know little about the real world of business.

Slide 3: As a broker, we also have multiple financial sources, so we can place our customers with the right source of financing based on the specific situation. In short, the reason someone would want to do business with us is because we give our customers personal attention, have the experience to help them in better understanding their financial needs (if they need help in this area), and can match them to the best available source of financing. We also provide credit card processing with a line of credit attached, which can significantly help them with cash flow.

Slide 4: Contact Us Commercial financing is a personal, one-on-one process. To learn more about us, and how we can help you, Please call us at 805-496-8002 x203, and ask for Gary Lowenberg.

Slide 5: Thank you

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