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Chillcasting will guide you to develop the balance of stress and relaxation that will optimize your use of the stress reaction, and will reduce excessive tension and other negative effects of stress.


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Downloadable solutions for stress

Slide 2: Downloadable solutions for stress Take Charge of the Stress in your Life Chillcasting can reduce or eliminate muscle tension, disrupted sleep, confusion and many health problems that are generated by excessive stress. Our audio recordings can be downloaded to a computer, iPod, MP3 player or mobile phone, allowing you to balance stress and relaxation wherever and whenever you choose.

Slide 3: Downloadable solutions for stress ■ Easy to use, accessible, effective ■ Private, confidential, personal ■ Affordable ■ Convenient, available 24 hours a day ■ Downloadable to an iPod, MP3 player, cell phone ■ Manage stress anytime, anywhere ■ Effective alternative, self-directed health care and self-help ■ Improve productivity at work, happiness at home, increase energy and optimism ■ Helps to remove barriers to success and happiness

Slide 4: Downloadable solutions for stress On another note, our name, Chillcasting, is unique and is intended to create a less earnest approach to managing stress. The word “chill” or to “chill out” is common lexicon to relax and take it easy. “Casting” refers to broadcasting or delivering audio to the client. Often, potential clients who are stressed to not want to seek professional help because they do not want to see a doctor or psychologist and admit that stress is a weakness or in some way diminishes their perception of having strong inner resolve. We want Chillcasting to be inviting, easy to use, effective, and to remove the stigma some people feel about seeking professional guidance to help them manage their stress.

Slide 5: Downloadable solutions for stress Visiting our site is convenient, is affordable and one can listen to our recordings while commuting to work, or in between meetings. No one (judgmental colleagues or family members) will know that one is listening and seeking help to manage stress. Our products are personal, private, and easy to access

Slide 6: Downloadable solutions for stress Contact Us If you have any comments or questions about Chillcasting, we would like to hear from you. To email Dr Jim Cheston: To email David Henderson: Media Contact David Henderson Email

Slide 7: Downloadable solutions for stress Thank you

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