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Nationwide Health Training accredited online classes are fast & convenient. We have been training healthcare professionals for 7 years and certifying thousands of happy customers each day."


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Nationwide Health Training

Slide2: Our PALS certification online course is offered to healthcare professionals who need training on how to care for infants or children during cardiovascular medical emergencies. A common assumption is that PALS is just ACLS for kids. This is an incorrect and dangerous assumption as the approach to caring for a child or an infant is different from that of an adult. PALS Certification Online


ACLS Certification Online Our ACLS certification online course contains higher levels of training than BLS and should only be performed by certified personnel. Healthcare providers that are usually required to obtain their ACLS certification are critical care doctors, nurses, dentist, paramedics and other emergency responders.


Our BLS certification online course is offered to both healthcare professionals and non-healthcare jobs. Non-healthcare workers that may require BLS training are lifeguards, teachers, social workers or coaches. BLS covers the treatment guidelines of adults and children, that are having medical emergencies, until they can be given full medical care. Our Basic Life Support course includes high level CPR, single person and team rescuer guidelines, protocol in and out of hospital care. BLS Certification Online


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