Get Aware about Common IELTS Myths to Avoid Failures

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There are lots of misconceptions about IELTS which can become problematic for students if they believe such lies. So, to avoid failures and achieve your desired score contact the best student visa consultant in Ahmedabad for proper guidance and information.


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slide 1: Bursting Out Common Misconceptions about IELTS There is a lot of information available about IELTS which at times can become misleading. Some sources might be better than others. It is important to be well-informed about facts before appearing for the exam. There are more misconceptions than facts and it can become problematic for students if they believe such lies. That is why it is important to clear out these misconceptions. For proper guidance and information about the examination you can contact the best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad. We have taken up the responsibility to clear up the clouds and show the pure rays of IELTS. Help yourself and clear up your minds from the myths and misconceptions about IELTS. Busting Out Common Misconceptions: “You can get better bands if you give the test in your home country” This is a myth. The truth is different countries do not offer different IELTS test. The patterns of both the modules of the IELTS test viz General training and Academic is the same across the globe. Ranking systems judging parameters everything is the same. So it doesn’t matter where you appear for the examination. “You can give the test only once” There is no limitation on the number of trials you give for clearing IELTS. If you are not able to clear the test in the first attempt you can always re-appear for the test whenever you are ready.

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So do not worry if you fail once you can prepare harder and can appear again. There some of the best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad that can help you in scoring well for the examination. “It is necessary to speak in British or American Accent” Many people have this myth that they need to speak in a foreign accent to score better in the IELTS speaking test. But it would be a huge mistake if you do so. You don’t have to pretend any accent but speak confidently and clearly in your natural accent. By pretending a fake accent you may do more harm than good. “You need to have an English background to clear IELTS” It does not matter whether you have done your schooling in English or any other language. You can appear for the test anyway. The only thing matters is your language proficiency. You can learn the language by practicing it daily. You can learn and improve your English language by reading writing speaking and listening daily in English. “Use higher vocabulary to get a good score” Using higher vocabulary unnecessarily in every sentence can sound weird and fake. Avoid using words just for the sake of using. Using vocabulary out of context is annoying and sounds fake. It would create a bad impression. Use words that are relevant to what you are saying and are easy for you. Speaking wrong words can change the meaning of the whole sentence. “Writing above word limit can score you more bands” No writing above word limit will not get you more marks. In the writing section of the IELTS test there is a word limit in each of the tasks. It is advisable to write within the word limit. Do not write more or even less than the word limit it could lead to getting fewer marks. You can contact the best student visa consultant in Ahmedabad for proper guidance and information. “Avoid expressing your opinion in the test” The advice that you should not express your opinion in writing and speaking test is purely a misconception. You are free to express your opinion on any given question or subject. It is not at all necessary that your opinion should match that of the examiner. You can freely express your views and opinions. All these factors often bring failures and discontentment among students. But now as you know are aware of the popular myths and misconceptions about the IELTS test help to spread awareness of such misconceptions.

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