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If you are sure about applying for overseas education, you should hire an overseas education consultancy or research well to successfully clear the crucial admission and visa process.


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Keep your Steps Away from Rejection by Avoiding These Common Mistakes in your Overseas Education and Visa Process Choosing to study abroad is not that simple decision. While you step into your new life there are a lot of dissuading factors like financial backing homesickness moving out of comfort zone and so on. However if you look out of these pain-points there are also a lot of plus-points and that is what encourages you to adhere to your decision. Moving in a foreign land and staying there for few years for pursuing your education gives you outstanding exposure on all fronts. If are sure about applying for overseas education you should hire an overseas education consultancy or research well to successfully clear the crucial admission and visa process. Here is a list of a few basic mistakes students should avoid making in order to keep their steps away from rejection. 1. Choosing a course that is not right for you You are investing a huge amount of money and sacrificing a lot of things to make your dream of overseas education come true. Choosing a wrong course that doesn’t interest you or help you make your career would be a great downfall for you. It is acceptable to take advice from friends and relatives but getting manipulated completely by it would risk your career. Whatever may

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have been proved good for any of your cousin may not be right for you. Choose wisely and research well on what interest you rather than making a shallow decision you would regret later. 2. Showing false credentials on your application Consult any of the experts or overseas education consultancy they would strictly say no to blaze your profile by adding false credentials. With the help of wrong information on it your profile might look attractive. But there are chances that you might get caught during the verification process for sticking wrong information. In any case if this happens you may lose your chance of applying for overseas education. The university will blacklist you and it might also happen that you may not be allowed to file your visa. 3. Sending incomplete applications Many students assume that they are meeting the most important criteria in the application form and filling these details would be enough for their entry in the university. Stop making up such presumptions and be very careful to attach each and every document as instructed in the form. The university in any case is not going to take a follow up to ask you to complete the application form. Also take care to meet the deadline. Excuses that you have not received the required documents from your bank or college even though the deadline is impending are considered unreasonable and irresponsible. 4. Failing to submit sealed transcripts Many foreign universities ask for the sealed transcripts that are printed on the letterhead of your ex-college or university. Submitting marksheet in place of a transcript would lead to rejection of your application as marksheets does not signify the number of hours and student performance. 5. Paying application fees late Application fee is needed to be paid during the time of sending your application to the university. Do not confuse it with admission fee which is paid after the acceptance of admission. If you fail to pay the application fee it is obvious that your application will face rejection. It is very significant to avoid making these common mistakes for successful completion of visa and admission process. Do not ignore your confusions and keep going with whatever you feel is right. Research on the web or consult any trustable overseas education consultancy to set things on the correct path. In case you need any help we are a visa consultant in Ahmedabad helping students to reach their dream destination since our foundation. Feel free to seek any advice or arrange a free assessment.

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