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National Healthcare Law attornies specialize in representing physicians and other health care businesses. For any further assistance please call us on our toll free number (888) 455-7702.


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National Healthcare Law Firm :

National Healthcare Law Firm Here we provide a wide variety of legal services to physicians, medical practices and many medical care businesses such as medical staffs, surgery centers, imaging centers, and home health agencies Our Firm is not just a "big firm alternative" or just another "boutique." We're not offering a better catch phrase or a clever name. We are redefining the way law firms represent physicians and other health care businesses. We have addressed and improved every deficiency clients often find in law firms – a lack of transparency, uncertain or nickel & dime pricing, poor communication, and inexperienced lawyers who clients end up paying just to learn the basics.

Areas of Practice :

Areas of Practice National focuses on dozens of practice areas, including: Health Care Clinic Regulation, Home Health Agency Representation, Hospital Based Practices and Physician Contracting, Hospital Counsel, Hospital Medical Staff Representation, Hospital Recruitment Arrangements, Medicaid Program Matters, Medical Directorships, Medical Malpractice Defense, Medical Practice Formation/Representation, Medicare and Payer Recoupment/Disputes and many more. Please see our services page for a detailed list.

Professionals :

Professionals The firm was founded by Jeffrey L. Cohen, a Florida board certified healthcare attorney with over 23 years of health litigation experience and is comprised of highly experienced attorneys who bring knowledge and practical advice to our diverse group of clients. Thank you for being an important member of the medical and health care community. We look forward to working with you.

What Makes Us Better? Well, We... :

What Makes Us Better? Well, We... 1. Return all calls within 24 hours. 2. Prioritize work according to need. Existing clients are always on top of the pile. 3. Delegate anything that we can delegate first (especially income generating delegation) to free up time to focus on non-delegable tasks. 4. Overestimate the turnaround time and deliver quicker. Under promise and over deliver. 5. Estimate accordingly. If the cost is not determinable, estimate high and deliver less expensively. 6. Always have a signed retainer before beginning work. 7. Check receivables each month and set aside time to call for due amounts. Its easier to get paid for work done than to get new work and go through the same process. 8. Always give fee quote/estimate and put in writing before beginning. 90% of client disputes are about fees because the lawyer was not clear about them before commencing. Everything in writing, no matter what. 9. Recognize when mistakes are made. We apologize immediately and proceed to make amends. Sometimes we have to write off or reduce a bill because it's the right thing to do. 10. Whenever possible, have direct contact (phone or in person) rather than via e mail and messages.


JEFFREY L. COHEN, ESQ. Jeffrey L. Cohen, President & CEO As founder of the National Healthcare Law Firm, Mr. Cohen will utilize his 25+ years of healthcare law experience to better serve the community. In keeping with his vision of offering the highest quality legal services, the National Healthcare Law Firm combines values such as transparency, integrity and ethics. Mr. Cohen has strategically placed together a dynamic team of attorneys who share his vision.


DAVID W. HIRSHFELD, ESQ. Mr. Hirshfeld has dedicated the majority of his 18 year legal career to a strong focus on the healthcare industry and has an exceptional reputation as a corporate attorney. He has structured, negotiated and documented many business transactions which include a variety of issues involving compliance; business planning through growth, succession and exit strategies, governance, control and operational issues; and the impact of state and Federal legislation including anti-self-referral (e.g. "Stark"), anti-kickback and corporate practice of medicine laws; professional misconduct; managed care contracting guidelines; Medicare; HIPAA and tax laws. His clients include individual providers, provider groups, hospital departments, provider-owned clinics, practice management companies, a health insurer, a health maintenance organization, and a Medicare intermediary. In addition to his healthcare work, David served as General Counsel to an A-rated insurance company.

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Bruce Rosenberg founded Rosenberg Law, P.C. in May of 2008 to focus on the representation of individual and corporate clients in the insurance, healthcare, and regulatory compliance arenas. The office provides counseling and litigates concerning complex regulatory compliance issues involving professional licensure, practices and protocols. Mr. Rosenberg has served as lead counsel on behalf of a wide spectrum of clients and has successfully litigated numerous complex cases in Federal and State courts in New York as well as other states. The areas within his practice include: Bruce Rosenberg


DAVID DI PIETRO David Di Pietro is an experienced trial attorney who focuses his legal practice in the areas of probate litigation, trust litigation, guardianship law, commercial and business litigation, construction litigation, personal injury and election law. David is an experienced and aggressive trial attorney that has tried over fifty (50) jury trials and numerous bench trials. David began his career has an Assistant State Attorney with the Broward State Attorney's Office. As an Assistant State Attorney, David gained invaluable legal and trial experience. Further, as a prosecutor, David handled serious criminal cases ranging from trafficking in illegal narcotics to attempted murder on a law enforcement officer.

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