How to Recover from Amnesia Caused by Bullying

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How to Recover from Amnesia Caused by Bullying All rights reserved. This document How to Recover from Amnesia Caused by Bullying is Copyright © Nathan Segal 2017. This document is distributed with the understanding that the publisher has made every effort possible to make sure that the information contained herein is truthful and accurate. When necessary information has been changed or updated to keep the information as current as possible. Disclaimer What you are about to read is not legal advice nor is the author a lawyer. If there is any doubt about the veracity of the information contained in this document the services of a competent professional should be sought. You should also consult with an appropriately qualified professional before making any life changes. Due to the rapidly changing state of technology the publisher/copyright holder does not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the decisions made by the purchasers of this document. Note: This document contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from one or more of these links I will receive a commission. For more information write to me at or call me at 408 844-4851. I’m on PST. You can also visit my website which is or my YouTube channel. How to Recover from Amnesia Caused by Bullying According to the Merriam-Webster on line dictionary Amnesia is “A condition in which a person is unable to remember things because of brain injury shock or illness.”

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It`s no secret to anyone who knows me well that I come from an abusive background. It began when I was quite young and continued until I knew how the manipulation happened. Once that happened I could stop it. There were many times when the abuse was too much to endure. As a survival strategy my mind created Amnesia. My first recollection of Amnesia was when my classmates in a grade 5 class humiliated me. At the time I was reading some grade 10 textbooks my older sister left at home. I understood everything I read and prepared a report on Amoeba´s which I presented to my class. They didn´t believe me and called me a liar accused me of being stupid and that I made it all up. Unable to take the abuse I quickly retreated to a dark corner of my mind where no one could hurt me. After that I became “stupid.” I failed my way through school and even had to repeat several classes in high school. One day ten years later I was standing in the locker room at a technical school where we were dealing with some advanced topics. I was doing well with some of them and as I stood there I thought “Where did I ever get this idea that I was stupid” Immediately my mind flashed back to the humiliation in my grade 5 class. The memory only lasted a few seconds then dissolved. After that my marks soared and the problem with “being stupid” left me. I wish I could say that this was my only experience with Amnesia but it was not. There were many more experiences to endure. One of the annoying parts about Amnesia is that many times I knew something was wrong but I couldn´t access the memories. Somehow they were walled off in my mind and I was unable to retrieve them. One day I encountered the works of Robert Smith who pioneered Faster EFT Emotional Freedom Technique. In one of his videos he said that Amnesia always leaves clues in the form of feeling and if you can find the feeling you can find your way back into the memory and release it. A few days later I was at a public market and I was thinking about the Amnesia. As I stood there I posed a mental question about an event and when I did I went

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on a mental journey and looked behind what seemed to be an invisible wall in my mind. As I did so I found a memory and could feel it fully. Within a few seconds it dissolved and all the negativity I felt towards my writing career vanished with it. Over the years Amnesia has appeared in many forms always due to shock or trauma. What has changed is how I respond which has prevented Amnesia from happening again. What I Have Learned: ● I no longer let shock overwhelm me. When shock occurs I do several things: ● Feel it fully while staying in the present moment. Eventually it dissolves. ● Acknowledge the shock and mentally dial down the intensity. ● To realize I am safe. An old pattern with shock has been a knee jerk reaction but that is not in my best interest. A better response is to feel the shock then disengage by sitting back or getting up to do something else. By doing so I honor myself and I give myself time to process the shock. Later when I have had some space I respond which works better. The challenge is to remember to disengage when the shock happens. Sometimes I catch it sometimes I don´t. It´s a work in progress. One curious thing that´s happened over the years is even when the shock occurs it no longer has the same power or intensity nor does it last as long. I still feel it though I´m able to hold the energy. It no longer overwhelms me – and this is key. That and being able to be present when it happens. The bottom line is this if you want to recover from the trauma of bullying you MUST get the bully out of your life. If you do not it will be difficult if not impossible to recover.

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When the Bully is No Longer in Your Life For some people getting the bully out of their lives is enough and they will begin to recover. Others have been traumatized by the ongoing harassment which has caused a psychological injury sometimes known as PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If this has happened to you you know you’re in trouble. Fortunately help exists. I work with Hamish Bayston a coach who specializes in working with victims of bullying. With his coaching you can remove the trauma of bullying from your life change your limiting beliefs stop the obsessive thinking and begin to live a normal life free of the trauma of bullying. For more information write to me at or call me at 408 844-4851. I’m on PST. You can also visit my website which is or my YouTube channel. If you write to me I will respond within 48 hours.

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