Top Ways to Verify an Email Address


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Top Ways to Verify an Email Address:

Top Ways to Verify an Email Address


Emails usually receive a high amount of spam messages each and every day and most of it come from fake email addresses. Yet, there are a number of ways for email validation , if happens that we want to reply in one of the messages it’s a great idea to use caution for any prospective deceitful emails. We can learn how to verify email addresses whether it’s valid or not using online tools. Below are the methods on how.


By sending to a particular email • Create an email address • This mean, don’t publicize your personal data. Create a secure email address where we can test the email addresses without giving possible scammers a hint about our personal emails. • Sign to that created account and right a new message. • Paste the email address on the sender's section we are trying to verify and make a simple message. • Send the message then wait for the response to see if the email bounces back as undeliverable.


By email address location • After the email bounces back, go to the email we received from the unverified email. • Look for the email address at the “Option” section. • Choose the View Message Source or click on an arrow below the email address that shows all the senders details. • Look for the IP address. This normally shows them “Receive from” information that includes codes with periods separating them. • Go to and then paste the code in the remote address then click host trace or proxy trace. If this address is not localized and we don’t know anyone from the location it says, these probably are a scam email. • By email verification websites


Copy the email we want to verify and go to • Copy the email address then paste it to an empty box then click verify. • If the email is valid, Result: Ok will appear. • By internet search • Copy the email address into a search engine query and wait to see if there’s any result to pop up. Most email that seems to be valid is those email associated with a social media account or website. • Sign in a social media account and top search bar then paste the email address. If an email is associated with a social media account it’s a big possibility that we can get the best result and is likely to be valid.


Email validation:

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