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Corporation Bank:

Corporation Bank


HISTORY Corporation Bank is the one of the oldest banks in India ,The bank was founded in 1906 in the place known as Udapi its head quarters located in corporation bank , Mangaladevi Temple Road in Panddeshwar . The Bank offers banking Products including investment vehicles . It has revenue capacity about Rs.862.83 Crores , and Net income about to Rs. 100.27 Crores . The bank was established with an initial operating Capital of about Rs.5,000 and first day accumulated resources of not more than $1.0 .It has a total of about 11.325 full time employees. Corporation Bank has a feature of being the first Indian Bank to publish its financial results that confirm the US GAAP. The bank was founded out of the need to create the first banking facility at Udapi as there was no financial facilities there at a time.

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The indigenous financial facility had largely been left in the hands of few wealthy individuals .Therefore something important had to be done in order to offer relief to the common man .The first bank that existed prior to Corporation bank was of Madras . One of the presidency banks had been set up at the time . Corporation Bank had the first branch located at Kundapur in 1923 , Immediately after the opening of the branch ,the bank opened in Mangalore at car street .One of the Major Principle of the bank is to Thrift spending among the citizens of India .It also seeks to Promote developmental assistant to the people of India. Through out its operation , the bank was endured numerous hurdles including economic depression , Stiff competitions in banking sector and 2 major world wars, However ,it managed to survive these and still remain one of the best banks in region .

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Corporation Bank offers a wide variety of products including the prestigious and renowned deposits product that was lunched by the governor Dr. C Rangarajan during his visited to the bank .The bank has a intensive ATM network System .It aim to increase its financial activities mainly through the adoption of internet banking , mobile banking system , phone banking and online system of banking . The bank takes part in various developmental project including implementation of sustainable financial banking system .The nationalized bank India has a well organized banking structure. In order to ensure its banking services meet the needs of both corporate and retail clients , it put in place highly coordinated branch network.






PROFILE OF BANK Type Public Sector Unit (PSU) Traded as BSE: 532179 NSE: CORPBANK Industry Banking Founded Udupi, 1906 Headquarters Mangalore, India Key people Ramnath Pradeep (Chairman, MD) Products Loans, Credit Cards, Savings, Investment vehicles,etc. Revenue Rs 862.83 Crore Net income Rs 100.27 Crore Website


THE JOURNEY Every institution has its start in modest initiatives but what makes it great is the passion of the people behind it. Carrying the legacy forward with an undaunted commitment to its vision, the journey of Corporation Bank truly epitomizes this. Started about 107 years ago in 1906, with an initial capital of just Rs.5000/-, Corporation Bank has recorded Rs. 2,36,611 Crore mark in business and even far more, with over 6164 service outlets across the nation, served by committed and dedicated 13,000 plus Corp Bankers. Proof of which is seen in its enviable track record in financial performance. We have many reasons to cheer, predominant of them is, being able to participate in nation building by empowering the rural and urban population alike. Today, we are proud that we are significant contributors to the growth of the country's economy. Early Mover

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Nationalized in 1980, Corporation Bank was the forerunner when it came to evolving and adapting to the financial sector reforms. In 1997, it became the Second Public Sector Bank in the country to enter capital market, the IPO of which was over- subscribed by 13 times. the Bank has many " firsts " to its credit - Cash Management Services, Gold Banking, m-Commerce, " Online " approvals for Educational loans, 100% CBS Compliance and more recently, its pioneering efforts to take the technology to the rural masses in remotest villages through low-cost branchless banking - Business Correspondent model. All of which symbolize Bank's answered commitment to its customers to provide convenience banking . At Corporation Bank, what motivates us is the passion to excel in banking by maintaining highest standards of service to our customers, backed by innovative products and services which makes us one of the leading Public Sector Banks in the country, catering to a wide range of customers - from individuals to corporate clients.

Award won:

Award won National Award for Assistance to Exporters from the President of India(1976-77) ‡ Gem & Jeweler Export Promotion Council Award successively for 5 years from 1981 to1985 ‡ Shiromani Award 1992 for Banking from Union Minister for Commerce ‡ Best Bank Award for Excellence in Banking Technology from Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT),Hyderabad(2001) ‡ Best Bank Award for Innovative Usage and Application on INFINET (Indian Financial Network)from Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT),Hyderabad(2002) ‡ Best Bank Award for Delivery Channels from Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT),Hyderabad(2003) ‡ Runner-up Awards in the Best Online and Multi-channel Banking Team and Outstanding achiever of the year-corporate categories in recognition of outstanding achievement in Banking Technology for 2004, instituted under the aegis of Indian Banks Association and Trade Fairs & Conferences International. [5]

Corporation Bank products and services:

Corporation Bank products and services Savings Bank Account Corp Payroll - Salary SB Account Corp Classic Savings Bank Account Corp Pragathi Account Corp New Gen – Students’ SB account Corp Nirantar - Tax Saver Deposit Scheme Corp 4-in-1 A/c (Current a/c) Revised loan applications under select Corp Schemes Millionaire RD Account Term Deposit

Ratings :

Ratings CRISIL has re-affirmed the following programmers of Corporation Bank: Rs.2 billion Bond issue AAA Certificate of Deposits Programmed P1+ Fixed Deposit Programmed FAAA Branches of Corporation Bank India The branches of the Corporation Bank India are located at all the key destinations like Bangalore, Belgaum, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Gujarat, Hassan, Hubli , Hyderabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Lucknow , Pune , Udupi and Vijayawada.

Major recognitions :

Major recognitions One of the Best 200 companies world over outside the US having a turnover under a billion US$ - Forbes Global, Hong Kong, issue dated 27 October 2003 India’s Best Public Sector Bank - Business Today - KPMG Survey dated 7 December, 2003 India’s Strongest and Asia’s Second Strongest - The Asian Banker, Singapore dated 15 December 2003 India’s Best Public Sector Bank – Outlook Money , 15 March 2004 One among the Best 200/100 companies in Asia/Pacific and Europe having turnover under a billion US $ - Forbes Global, Hong Kong dated 1 November 2004 One among India’s Best Public Sector Banks - Business Today, 26 February 2006


LOANS PROVIDED FROM BANK Corporation Bank India Loans are of various types, which include the following: 1. Corp Site Purchase Loan 2. Corp Professional Loan 3. Corp IPO Scheme Loan 4. Corp Personal Loan 5. Corp Mitra Loan 6. Corp Meditech Loan 7. Corp Byte Loan 8. Corp Mortgage Loan 9. Corp Flexi Home Loan 10. Corp Cash Demat Loan 11. Corp Mitra Gold Loan 12. Corp Home Loan+Insureance 13. Corporation Bank India Education Loans 14. Corporation Bank India Home Loans 15. Corporation Bank India Personal Loans 16. Corporation Bank India Car Loans




NRI SERVICES Deposit Schemes for NRIs A) Schemes with repatriation facility FCNR(B) deposits NRE deposits RFC deposits (on return) B) Schemes without repatriation facility NRO deposits Type of deposits in A) and B): Savings Bank accounts [not in FCNR (B)] Current accounts [not in FCNR (B)] Cash Certificates Fixed Deposits Recurring deposits [not in FCNR (B)] Money-Flex deposits

Corporate services:

Corporate services Term Corp Fast Cash Management Working Capital Corp Rental Project Finance Term Finance Gold Card Scheme for Exporters Forex Regional MSME Care Centers SME Liquid Plus Scheme

ATM Card and Internet Banking services:

ATM Card and Internet Banking services Card services Corp Bank Debit & Campus Card Corp Campus Cash Card Corp Convenience International Credit Card Corp Convenience International Debit Card Corp Travel Card Corp Bank Prepaid Gift Cards Internet banking services Corp Net Telebanking E-Payment of Direct Taxes

Net banking:

Net banking Service provided by Corporation Bank net banking: Check your balance by Corporation Bank net banking login. Check your statement of account through Corporation Bank net banking. Inquire about the status of your cheque . Inquire about any information or get information on your account. Get all the information about different schemes of the bank like fixed deposit, rate of interest on saving, deposit. All the information is provided on the Corporation Bank net banking form. Get the demat account also with Corporation Bank net banking. Do your shopping online with the help of Corporation Bank net banking login. Corporation Bank net banking formic available in the branch of bank. You can take this form fill it and avail all the services of net banking after you get the Corporation Bank net banking login on your Corporation Bank account. Net banking is available on all types of account.

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This rule is imposed by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). Some nominal charges after certain limit that is if your transaction increases from 1 lakh you have to pay 2.50 INR per 1000 INR for this service to your bank. Maximum 20 INR is charged for the transaction not more than that. Corporation Bank net banking login is provided by the bank through confidential note. After filling the desired field in the Corporation Bank net banking form you will be provided Corporation Bank net banking. Corporation Bank net banking form is easily available in all the branch of the bank.

Tele Banking:

Tele Banking Anything that saves you time nowadays must be worth its weight in gold. That's why you'll find our tele Banking service invaluable. You can check your finances and also manage your money when it's most convenient to you and not necessarily during banking hours only. For example, you could instantly check your account balance and ask to have your latest transactions faxed to you – from wherever you happen to be. You could be on holiday, in transit, at home or at work and still have access to your bank, it's almost like having your own branch of Corporation Bank with you. Using our Tele Banking facility is easy. All you need is access to a phone or a fax. When you dial our number, you will be greeted by a pleasant voice which will guide you through the list of services being offered. Simply follow the instructions to obtain the information you need. Tele Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7days a week. The system is easy to use and secure, so you need not worry about account. What's more, even if you are not a customer of Corporation Bank, you can obtain general information about Deposit Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange Rates, Gold Selling Rates etc. Telebanking gives you all the benefits of regular banking and more – at the end of a phone line.

E-payment of Direct Taxes:

E-payment of Direct Taxes 1. Corp net user invokes NSDL Home Page. through his Browser. 2. Corp net user clicks on the “Pay -Tax Online” link in Home Page of NSDL. 3. User is displayed option to select one of the type of challan among Challan 280, 281, 282 and 283. User selects one of them and Clicks ”Submit ”. 4. User is displayed detail Challan screen to enter all challan details except amount. 5. User fills in the required challan details including the bank selection (Corporation Bank) and click on “Proceed”. 6. All details entered by the User are displayed for his confirmation (Submit to the Bank, Edit) after verification of details at the server.

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7. If the User clicks “Edit” button, the challan details will be displayed to the User to edit any of the entered fields. If the User clicks “Submit to the Bank” button , Bank name appears and User has to select “Corporation Bank” and select the link (either Corporate or Personal Banking). 8. Corp Net login window shall appear and customer shall provide his/her CorpNet UserID and login password. (Domain Name also in case of Corporates ). 9. On successful login, Challan details as displayed on the confirm data page along with the payment option. Challan details captured in NSDL site shall not be allowed to edit. 10. Click on “Proceed further”. Customer shall key in CorpNet Authorisation password to complete the process. The system shall display an acknowledgement for having saved the information by way of displaying a Challan Identification Number (CIN) containing Date of Tender, BSR code of the Branch and Challan sequence number.

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11. Once the CIN is obtained and counterfoil printed, the exit option is to be clicked, the session will be closed immediately and all further visits to the site shall need fresh login. 12. The requests given shall be available in the system for future reference with status under Online Payment >> Direct tax. Customers need to login separately in the normal way. 13. In case of corporate, any user who has the rights can give the requests. However another person should authorize the requests. All kinds of checks for authorization of funds transfer request for corporate shall be incorporated here also. The joint authorization if required shall be provided. 14. In case of corporate, for user level, requests saved shall be available for view. 15. For authorizer level, the requests shall be available for view, edit or delete before authorization. Another authorizer shall authorize the edited record. The records can be displayed in Corp Net under Online Payment. Authorisers can also give requests. 16. Track of “Entered by”, “Modified by” and “ Authorised by” shall be displayed to all the Users.

Other services:

Other services New Corp Jeevan Griha Raksha Insurance Mutual Funds NEW Corp Jeevan Raksha PPF Accounts and Senior Citizen Savings Scheme Pension Payments Collection of Central Excise and Service Tax Collection of Customs through E-payment Sale of Stamp Papers in Karnataka Collection of Sales Tax Collection of Direct Tax ECS handling at Sunday Working Branches Collection of Telephone Bills CorpDial - Telebanking Issuing Govt. of India Bonds PUSH Services PULL Services Mobile application

PowerPoint Presentation:

Payment of BSNL Telephone Bills in Goa Payment of Income Tax through CorpBank ATMs Corp Anytime Premium NEFT - Customer Facilitation Centres -Contact details Corp Bill Pay LIC Premium Payment through SMS Corp Card 2 Card Transfer Corp Bullet - RTGS facility Corp PowerCheq - Multi City Cheque facility Corp Companion - Any Branch Banking Corp Mobile Recharge Corp Mediclaim SMS Banking facility Mobile Pay Depository Services Online Railway Reservation Payment system of ASBA for the IPOs Online Trading through Corporation Bank

Form for opening an account in corporation bank :

Form for opening an account in corporation bank

Cheque leaf:

Cheque leaf



Pass book:

Pass book

Gold Coins & Bars - Selling Rates  :

Gold Coins & Bars - Selling Rates 2 gram 6696 4 gram 12748 5gram 16006 8gram 25476 20gram 62768 50 gram 155037 100gram 304589

Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service & SMS Banking Facility :

Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service & SMS Banking Facility visual IMPS Corporation Bank is pleased to inform the introduction of Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service(IMPS) and SMS Banking facility for our Customers. With the introduction of this facility you can now access your bank account and carry out a variety of banking transactions through your mobile

PowerPoint Presentation:

Inter Bank Mobile Payment Service(IMPS) : The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an organization set up to implement and oversee the retail payment systems in the country has launched a simple, easy to use mobile to mobile fund transfer facility. Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS facilitates customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for accessing their banks accounts and remitting funds from there. In the ideal scenario funds should be credited into the beneficiary account in about 15-30 seconds . In case for any reason, technical or business, the IMPS transaction is not completed the reversal of the remitters funds will happen immediately. In case, the status of a particular transaction cannot be determined due to a link failure in the other bank or NPCI , the funds would be reversed on the next day. In case , the transaction is not settled within 7 days, the reversal of fund is done manually on reconciliation on the 8th day. Customers desirous of availing mobile Payment Service should be a Registered customer for SMS banking/Mobile banking , should submit an application form to the base branch where they maintain their account, same can be downloaded by clicking into this link Application form.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Syntax for carrying out IMPS transaction through SMS is as below: IMPSDebitA / cNumberBeneficiaryMobileNumberBenf MMIDAmountPIN Example: If 1. 1. Debit a/c no is SB/01/001234 2. 2. Beneficiary Mobile No.: 9902781818 3. 3. Beneficiary MMID: 9229864 4. 4. Amount: Rs.200/- 5. 5. PIN: 4444 Then - Syntax will be as below IMPS 001234 9902781818 9229864 200 4444 Customer Should use only the last six digits of the account number and if it is less than six digits, then it should be padded with prefixing zeros.


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