Air Cargo Faces These Logistics Challenges in 2019

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Air Cargo Faces These Logistics Challenges in 2019 Since the past few years airfreight has become increasingly competitive as compared to all the other modes of transportation. According to the ​International Air Transportation Association IATA ​ the demand for airfreight is at its highest since 2018 as compared to the year before that. Daily around 17.5 billion worth of cargo that is 35 global trade by monetary value- is moved via airfreight. This statistics shows impressive growth for an industry that was once on the verge of collapsing. There are multiple factors that have created an optimistic yet challenging environment for the air cargo industry in the year 2019. The most important one of these is the continued growth of e-commerce which has had a profound impact on the industry. In a certain way air-cargo has experienced a revolution in the past several years because of sky-rocketing international e-commerce trade evolution and heightened consumer expectations. Despite an optimistic economic outlook ​ ​sustained performance and favourable factors the air cargo industry does face a few challenges ahead.

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● Evolving Technology: ​ Satisfying the need for fast communication among service providers and consumers with new technology will be the first challenge in itself for the air-freight industry. And keeping up with this sort of evolving online technology in Logistics and supply chain management industry is difficult. There is an online portal called LogiSWOT that can help you to tackle this challenge effectively. It can also help you to solve the problem of lesser reach and fewer connections by providing 24/7 cost-effective services. ● New Mail Requirements/Compliance: ​2019 brings several important changes that are related to shipments and security filings. Changes that came with SAFE Framework of Standards as well as ICS-2 requires postal organizations and air freight carriers to report information on the mail shipments they carry to the customs house agents. ● E-commerce Glut: ​ Airfreight industry is having a hard time keeping up with the sheer volume of online orders. To keep up with the rising demands of the consumers the International Air Transportation Association IATA has implemented an action plan that includes: - Simplifying Logistics procedures to optimize the flow of information and speed up the process.

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- Embed new technology that ensures greater visibility - Challenge the status quo and review the logistics business models if possible adapt to newer digitised business models. - Build Contacts and Enhance your reach in the industry to grow your business and serve better. New-age technologies Change and Digitalization inevitably continue to dominate the market. Just Keeping up with the quality of data timeliness and visibility will not only require continuity but sustainable development as well to maintain high profitability and optimized efficiency in the air cargo industry. If you are a Service Provider Consol Agent Freight Forwarder IATA Agent and Customs Broker or Consumer Exporter/Importer and need to adapt to various logistics industry challenges then kindly Log on to the portal of ​MyLogiSWOT ​ and get yourselves registered now

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