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Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer


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A Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer…:

Sales- Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Sales A Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer…

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© 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA Jason McCamey, ATC, uses his athletic training background in his successful career as owner of McCamey Medical Supplies. (A Sole-proprietorship specializing in providing sales avenue for medical device and supply companies) McCamey interacts with physicians and clinicians daily. He has the ability to continuously educate clients and patients as to what an athletic trainer is and what benefits their skill set has to offer in many settings. As a result, he has been asked to work as a consultant in placing AT’s in high school settings within the Central California area. Read on to find out how this athletic trainer is using his AT skills to build a lucrative sales career.

I am an Athletic Trainer working in DME and Catalog Sales:

I am an Athletic Trainer working in DME and Catalog Sales NAME: Jason McCamey Credentials MS, ATC JOB TITLE: Owner EMPLOYED BY: McCamey Medical Supplies JOB LOCATION: Fresno, CA

McCamey Medical Supplies: Overview:

McCamey Medical Supplies : Overview McCamey Medical Supplies is a sales company that provides sales to companies on an independent contracting basis In 2006, I left a large medical DME/supply provider and I began representing another DME company as an independent sales contractor. In July of 2007, I started my own company and began contracting with additional companies, to offer other product lines to my existing customer base. I independently represent 3 companies now, providing products and services for existing/new customers. I work closely with patients, physicians and clinicians to provide durable pain management medical equipment to patients for home use I provide medical equipment, clinical supplies and devices for clients throughout the California Central Valley.

McCamey Medical Supplies: Products & Services :

McCamey Medical Supplies: Products & Services COMPANY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ARE: TENS, NMS, EMG, IFC Cervical and Lumbar Traction devices for both clinical and patient home use Catalog supplies for daily operations of Physician, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Athletic Training facilities We supply all of the rehabilitation and cardio fitness equipment to start a gym or new clinic rehabilitation clinic. We provided education to facilities, patients and administrators on how to use and bill for our product lines

McCamey Medical Supplies: Staff :

McCamey Medical Supplies: Staff TOTAL # OF EMPLOYEES: 2 EMPLOYEE BREAKDOWN 1 - AT with 3 years of sales experience and 1 ½ years of occupational/industrial medicine experience 1 – (Part-time) Bachelors of Arts with an emergency medical background. # OF ATHLETIC TRAINERS 1

McCamey Medical Supplies: Patients:

McCamey Medical Supplies: Patients AVERAGE AGE RANGE OF PATIENT/CLIENTS: 20- 70 years old PATIENT POPULATION: Post surgical patients Chronic pain patients Patient population varies MOST COMMON INJURIES / AILMENTS: Overuse Post-op Chronic Pain Inflammation Disuse Atrophy

A Day in the Life of a DME Sales Athletic Trainer:

A Day in the Life of a DME Sales Athletic Trainer TYPICAL SCHEDULE FOR MY JOB: HOURS PER WEEK : 50-60 DAYS OF THE WEEK : 5-6 (Monday – Saturday) TYPICAL SCHEDULE : 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Educational Background:

Educational Background EXPERIENCE LEVEL NEEDED FOR MY JOB: Managerial MY DEGREES: Bachelor’s in Human Kinesiology (California State University, Fresno) Master’s in Exercise Science – Emphasis Biomechanics and Sports Medicine (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)

A Day in the Life of a DME Sales Athletic Trainer:

A Day in the Life of a DME Sales Athletic Trainer SALARY RANGE : $65 - $85k per year for the 1 ST year $100k + once established EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Self-employed (PRICELESS!) Set your own hours You can vacation /sick days whenever you need Early on breaks are hard to come by as work piles up when you are gone Numerous tax benefits ($$$) I have to plan and pay for my own for health coverage and retirement

My Career PATH:

My Career PATH I have been an athletic trainer since 2001. I worked as an off-site high school athletic trainer for Sierra Pacific Orthopaedic Center upon returning to California after finishing graduate school. I later ventured into the industrial setting as a Physician Extender for E&J Gallo Winery. There I became certified as a first-aid and CPR instructor, breath alcohol tester, occupational hearing conservationist and respiratory spirometery tester. A decision was made to close the department at Gallo, and I was let go after a 1.5 years of service. It was then that I decided to try my hand at sales and accepted a job with EMPI. With some early success, I began to get calls from other companies offering to have me independently represent their product lines within the medical field. I accepted a couple of these offers and have run with it ever since. “When I was an athletic training student, I thought I would be working in pro football. I ended up working in this setting because I wanted more freedom and opportunity in my life.”

Why Athletic Trainers Fit With DME Sales:

Why Athletic Trainers Fit With DME Sales WHY DO YOU FEEL ATHLETIC TRAINERS AND THE SKILL SET THEY OFFER ARE A GOOD FIT FOR YOUR COMPANY? “ I have always felt athletic trainers are a wonderful fit for our physical therapy, rehab. market place. Athletic trainers generally know the value of working hard and smart, they put in long hours, have good clinical skills, good communication skills, know how to get along with people and have good educational experiences.  They also are familiar with our various product lines as they have used our products in their professional work.” ~John Rajala Owner of Rajala Rehab

Why I Like Working in an Emerging Setting:

Why I Like Working in an Emerging Setting WHY WOULD YOU RECOMMEND OTHERS CONSIDER WORKING IN THE EMERGING SETTINGS? In one word, OPPORTUNTY. I truly believe that you write your own ticket. I began with a bare bones job description and slowly began to build my case as an athletic trainer in this setting. I took on new tasks and suggested new ideas for handling programs, job tasks, etc. I now enjoy that same vision as I work with my clients and customers to find better ways to handle patient care and clinician needs. If you have a vision and are willing to pursue it relentlessly, you will find a nice home within these settings.

Daily Duties- Morning:

Daily Duties- Morning Check and respond to emails (10-20 daily) Put together a detailed “to do” list of customers to meet with, items to discuss with customers, patients to be fit with DME devices, cold call targets, etc. Following up (email or phone calls) on product or equipment price quotes. How can we provide a service/product to meet customers’ needs? Research new product vendors to meet clinician’s requests Load my car with the appropriate equipment and information for the customers within the day’s call zone (A call zone is the area in which you will be within the territory for any given day.) Within my territory I have 8 call zones with large metro areas taking a day in themselves and smaller rural areas encompassing 4-6 cities each.

Daily Duties-Afternoon:

Daily Duties-Afternoon I usually have a lunch in-service. I provide lunch to a customer and go over my product line to determine how I meet their needs. After the in-service I usually make approximately 6 sales calls. During the call I provide information on products to various physicians/clinicians. Generally calls are prior requests from earlier physicians visits. I meet with as many clinicians as possible to determine what patients they are seeing. I suggest ways that our products may assist them in getting the outcomes they desire. I will use any time between visits to return phone calls from customers. Return calls generally have to do with supply orders, new product questions, protocol questions on DME equipment, insurance/billing questions, shipping questions, etc. I will receive between 15-30 phone calls daily.

Daily Duties- Evening:

Daily Duties- Evening Check and respond to emails Fax in orders and customer information to the vendors I work with Work on price quotes for various supply and equipment orders Put together any information requested by customers from the day’s calls TERRITORY MAP

About A DME Fitting:

About A DME Fitting Typical patient fitting encounter: 1. Introduction of self, company and product 2. Explanation of what the product can do for them 3. Application of product on patient 4. Explanation to patient and family members on how to operate equipment 5. Answer patient/family questions or concerns 6. Complete necessary documentation with patient 7. Complete necessary documentation with clinician/ physician 8. Fax appropriate documentation to billing entities for payment

Other Duties As Assigned:

Other Duties As Assigned I do a lot of driving in my position (~30-40k miles/yr). This could be minimized if I wanted to do overnight trips on the far ends of my territory, but I choose to drive home every evening to be with my family. I travel out of the area on business about once a quarter for trade shows, meetings with vendors and business functions. Occasionally, I will speak to local physical therapy or athletic training students regarding my products, profession or my progression within athletic training. I do a lot of entertaining as part of my job: dinner, drinks, fundraisers … things that take what I do from just business to a more personal level.

Essential Skill Sets:

Essential Skill Sets 1. Understanding of electrotherapy 2. Understanding of anatomy 3. Strong people skills 4. Confidence 5. Persistence 6. Strong communication skills

Learning Curve:

Learning Curve I think it takes at least a year to familiarize yourself with your clients and build their trust. After that, the focus shifts to becoming a friend as well as an asset to their practice. Clients know they can call you for anything and you will help. You will help in the clinic in a bind, you will fit their patients if needed with DME devices, you will go the extra mile when someone forgot to order something and they need it NOW. These are the types of things that allow you to become an asset instead of a salesperson. Since I am constantly calling on new business, the process is never ending. Everything becomes much easier after the first year in the territory.

The Major Issues Facing Me ::

The Major Issues Facing Me : REIMBURSEMENT About 60% of my business is durable medical equipment (DME). This equipment is usually purchased or rented by a patient’s insurance company at the request of a physician. The insurance companies are becoming more and more difficult with regard to reimbursement. The problem then becomes if the insurance doesn’t pay then I don’t get paid.

Quality of Life/ Cost of Living:

Quality of Life/ Cost of Living Lots of wear and tear on my vehicle High gas prices Moderate housing costs in Central California, however, they can be QUITE high elsewhere in CA. Long hours at times – high demand usually equates to BIG $$$ Lots of entertaining! Can be stressful because a customer’s problem always becomes your problem

What I Wish I Knew Before This Job::

What I Wish I Knew Before This Job: BEFORE TAKING THIS JOB I WISH I KNEW MORE ABOUT: Insurance billing, business development, territory management, insurance coding, emerging markets (light therapy, oscillation therapy, respiratory therapy & medications) 2. I learn something new everyday from my patients, clinicians and physicians. I just try to be a sponge and take in as much as possible. © 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA


MESSAGE FOR EDUCATORS & STUDENTS Students need to be made aware of the unique and/or additional opportunities that are available to someone with their skills– THEY CAN WORK VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE! Educators can assist students by going over the unique athletic training skill sets and how they apply to unique settings. This will open students’ eyes to how opportunity unfolds in these emerging areas. My best advice for those wishing to get into this field is to attach yourself to someone else already working in this setting. TRY using a CAN-WORC advisor on the NATA Web Site- (see last slide). Volunteer, ask to ride along, communicate with others via job boards/chat rooms on a company and its products, polish your presentation skills prior to an interview. Most important … NETWORK!

Key Resources to Learn More!:

Key Resources to Learn More! COMMON WEBSITES I VISIT ARE:

Key Resources to Learn More!:

Key Resources to Learn More! ORGANIZATIONS I AM INVOLVED WITH INCLUDE: NATA CATA CONFERENCES & SYMPOSIUMS RELATED TO MY JOB National Athletic Trainers’ Association Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association American Chiropractic Association International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association American Physical Therapy Association California Physical Therapy Association

Key Resources to Learn More!:

Key Resources to Learn More! BOOKS I HAVE FOUND HELPFUL: Ask Questions, Get Sales by: Stephan Schiffman, The Color Code by: Taylor Hartman, Ph.D., In Pursuit of Excellence by: Terry Orlick, PhD, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by: Stephen R. Covey The First Thirty by: Greg Forbes Siegman, Persuasion by W.F. Strong PEOPLE I SPEAK WITH ABOUT PROFESSIONAL ISSUES: Scott Sailor, Ph.D, ATC Rex Wicox, ATC, CSCS Dr. Phillip Zinni, D.O. David Oliphant, MA, ATC Lance Harribedian, ATC, PTA Rick Lembo, ATC, PTA Randy Hicks, MPT Eric Little, MPT

Learn more at

Learn more at Visit Career Development Resources on NATA Web site and find: - Videos - Brochures - PowerPoint Presentations - Studies - Marketing Materials - Advisors to assist with your specific questions *NATA members only section Visit Career Development Resources TODAY © 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA

Still need more information about Athletic Trainers in DME Sales? :

Still need more information about Athletic Trainers in DME Sales? Contact the NATA National Office Staff: Kathryn Ayres, PR and Marketing Coordinator | 800-879-6282 ext. 138 Write to Jason McCamey:

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Looking for a JOB? Want to hire an athletic trainer? Visit the NATA Career Center today and find resources to help you find a job or hire an athletic trainer. © 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA

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