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Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer


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A Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer… : 

City Government A Day in the Life of an Athletic Trainer…

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Gary Porter, MS, ATC, CEAS has made a career as a full-time athletic trainer with the city of Gainesville, Florida. With Porter on staff, Gainesville has successfully contained health care costs, an achievement that few other municipalities can claim. Porter hopes that in the future, other self-insured municipalities will see the benefits of having a full-time athletic trainer on staff. He also hopes other athletic trainers will note the benefits of educating and promoting athletic training services to the thousands of municipalities worldwide. © 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA

I am an Athletic Trainer Working in City Government : 

I am an Athletic Trainer Working in City Government NAME: Gary K. Porter, Jr. CREDENTIALS: MS, ATC, CEAS JOB TITLE: Athletic Trainer EMPLOYED BY: City of Gainesville JOB LOCATION: Gainesville, Florida NATA NOTE:NATA has an estimated 300+ members working in Government/Law/Military

City Government Athletic Trainer: Job Description : 

City Government Athletic Trainer: Job Description NATURE OF WORK Responsible for promoting general wellness for all active and retired government employees and their spouses Identifying, preventing, assessing, managing and rehabilitating orthopedic injuries

City Athletic Trainer:Minimum Requirements : 

City Athletic Trainer:Minimum Requirements Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in athletic training or related field Three years experience in occupational health, health care, health education, related area such as industrial environment or an equivalent combination of education and experience which provide required ability, knowledge and skills Knowledge of industrial athletic training and occupational health care programs Knowledge of ergonomic and safety issues. Also the ability to perform physical fitness assessments

Specialized Requirements… : 

Specialized Requirements… Knowledge and ability to plan, implement and evaluate rehabilitation treatment plans Familiarity and ability to properly manage orthopedic injuries Knowledge of applicable local, state and federal ordinances, laws and statutes related to occupational health Comprehension of computers and relevant software Capacity to teach and/or perform seminars and workshops Ability to work effectively with elected officials, charter officers, department heads, representatives of other agencies, other city employees and general public Ability to communicate effectively both orally andin writing

City of Gainesville: An Overview : 

City of Gainesville: An Overview In business since 1869 The City of Gainesville started as a railroad town City government provided basic services to their constituents at that time Population today is ~ 120,000 residents Health and wellness programs under the Department of Risk Management

City of Gainesville: Products/Services : 

City of Gainesville: Products/Services Specializes in providing public services to approximately 120,000 people LifeQuest is the City Health Program and my direct employer Examples of city services include Utilities Police Bus drivers Fire protection

City of Gainesville: Staff : 

City of Gainesville: Staff 2,200 employees 1 Athletic Trainer NATA Note: This population ratio is very similar to an athletic trainer working in secondary schools.

LIFE QUEST - The Solution to City Health : 

LIFE QUEST - The Solution to City Health Launched in 1992 in response to escalating health care costs Full-Time Athletic Trainer was added in 2004 Current Staff 1 Registered Dietician 1 Athletic Trainer 1 Wellness Specialist 3 Nurses 1 Safety Specialist Mission of LifeQuest: Reduce health care costs through positive life style changes Treating each employee as an "Occupational Athlete.” The City of Gainesville designs training programs tailored to the challenges faced by each individual LifeQuest is the City’s wellness program designed to help employees take charge of their own health care Placed within the city’s Risk Management Department for the purpose of identifying employee needs and health issues through frequency of health insurance claims and workers’ compensation claims Multi-phased program for all city employees, retirees and their dependents Programs offered through LifeQuest Diet and nutrition workshops One-on-one counseling Smoking cessation programs Health screenings Seminars on health related issues Physical fitness programs in and outside of the gym

City of Gainesville/ LifeQuest: Patients : 

City of Gainesville/ LifeQuest: Patients THE PEOPLE I TREAT: Police Fire/rescue workers Utility personnel Bus drivers Office workers, etc. PATIENT AGE RANGE 20’s – 50’s MOST COMMON INJURIESBack and shoulder injuries

A Day in the Life of a City Government Athletic Trainer : 

A Day in the Life of a City Government Athletic Trainer TYPICAL SCHEDULE FOR MY JOB: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.No on-call No weekends

Educational Background : 

Educational Background MY ATHLETIC TRAINING EXPERIENCE :PROFESSIONAL LEVEL Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sports Science (University of Florida) Master’s in Exercise and Sports Science(University of Florida) Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS) -CEAS is a certification that states the participant is able to perform office and industrial/manufacturing ergonomics analyses using the OSHA Ergonomics Guidelines.

A Day in the Life of a City Government Athletic Trainer : 

A Day in the Life of a City Government Athletic Trainer SALARY RANGE: $42,000 - $60,900 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Health, dental and vision insurance Retirement investment plan Pension Plan Continuing education/job development training Sick time Paid vacation NATA Note: The average salary for NATA members working in Government/Law Enforcement is: $50,716 ( NATA 2005 Salary Survey)

My Career Path : 

My Career Path “I ended up working in this setting because of an internship through the University of Florida. The City of Gainesville saw the value in what I as doing as an intern and decided to create a permanent, full time athletic training position. “Opportunities for growth and to create my own career path enticed me.”

Employer Testimonial : 

Employer Testimonial “An Athletic Trainer helps provide a better economic position to contain health care costs, workers’ comp claims, complement wellness initiatives, provide an employee benefit and help return employees to work quicker.” -Dick Gober, Group Benefits Manager Dick Gober Group Benefits Manager City of Gainesville

Daily Duties: Morning : 

Daily Duties: Morning MORNING DUTIES: Injury assessments 2 hours Injury rehabilitations 3-4 in the morning Injury management Injury prevention Patient education workshops are several times per month

Anatomy of a Rehabilitation : 

Anatomy of a Rehabilitation DURATION 50-60 minutes COST Free to Employee STRUCTURE: Personalized TYPICAL TREATMENTS US MHP TENS CP Massage Joint Mobilizations 1:1 PNF, PROM Stretching, strengthening, stabilization Proprioceptive training Gait training Functional progression PT education HEP Etc.

Daily Duties: Afternoon : 

Daily Duties: Afternoon MY AFTERNOON DUTIES INCLUDE Injury rehabilitations 2-4 cases in the afternoon Ergonomic assessments Fitness assessments Getting out into the field Visit various stations/departments for marketing purposes or to introduce service recruits and new employees Make referrals to wellness specialist for exercise programs and classes Encourage workers to see nurses for yearly blood work or glucose testing Take note of injury trends and apprise the safety specialist

Daily Duties- Evening : 

Daily Duties- Evening We do not generally work evenings A couple of times per year I will assist with evening wellness conferences

Other Duties As Assigned : 

Other Duties As Assigned Health assessment testing is done for the police and firefighters once a year Major teamwork is required among nurses, wellness personnel, athletic trainer and assistants

Essential Skill Sets : 

Essential Skill Sets People skills Decision making skills Business basics Ergonomics Public relations General health/wellness consulting Solid injury assessment, injury care and injury management skills

Helpful Continuing Education: : 

Helpful Continuing Education: WHAT: Certification as an ergonomics assessment specialist (CEAS) OBTAINED FROM: The Back School of Atlanta PURPOSE: Gives you the tools to help with your injury prevention efforts Helps me create a better environment for my patients as they return to work

The Issues and Opportunities Facing Me: : 

The Issues and Opportunities Facing Me: Issue: Lack of awareness of what an athletic trainer is Opportunity: Explain that athletic trainers are musculoskeletal specialists in injury prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. In this job, I go beyond the entry-level requirements and provide wellness services and business support. Issue: Patient doesn’t know the difference between an athletic trainer and personal trainer Opportunity: Explain the educational requirements and clinical skills and abilities of athletic trainers. Explain that athletic trainers are health care professionals and personal trainers are fitness specialists. Issue: The term athletic trainer confuses people Opportunity: Explain how the profession has evolved in the past 50 years and why our skills are ideal for working with city and emergency workers. Explain how the injuries of athletes are very similar to the injures of working people. GROWTH ISSUES: Currently I am responsible for 2,200 active employees, but we do not have the space to care for retirees and spouses. We need a larger office space in order to have room for a larger athletic training staff and patient load.

Quality of Life : 

Quality of Life Working in this emerging setting gives me ample time to enjoy time with family and friends. I’m able to travel, go boating, SCUBA, go to the beach on the weekends. At night, I like to workout, read, grill out or cook dinner. I’m always working on professional development and growth in my spare time.

Things I’ve Learned: : 

Things I’ve Learned: Experience I have gained… General business planning New and specialized health services Risk management and HR © 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA

Key Resources to Learn More! : 

Key Resources to Learn More! Ergonomics Plus - You’ll learn how to calculate return on investment. - You’ll learn about cost savings and profit margins. - (Ergo Plus was founded by an AT) Go to and scroll to LifeQuest -LifeQuest is a health & wellness initiative designed to reduce employee healthcare costs.

Learn more at : 

Learn more at Visit Career Development Resources on NATA Web site and find: - Videos - Brochures - PowerPoint Presentations - Studies - Marketing Materials - Advisors to assist with your specific questions *NATA members only section Visit Career Development Resources TODAY © 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA

For more information about Athletic Trainers working in city government: : 

For more information about Athletic Trainers working in city government: Contact the NATA National Office Staff:Kathryn Ayres, PR and Marketing Coordinator | 800-879-6282 ext. 138 Write to Gary Porter, City of Gainesville

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Looking for a job? Want to hire an athletic trainer? Visit the NATA Career Center today and find resources to help you find a job or hire an athletic trainer. © 2011 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (800)TRY-NATA

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