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A Day In the Life of a Certified Athletic Trainer… : 

A Day In the Life of a Certified Athletic Trainer… Teacher-Athletic Trainer

Secondary School Athletic Trainer : 

Secondary School Athletic Trainer David Edell MEd, ATC, LAT, CSCS Athletic Trainer Stafford Municipal School District Stafford, TX

Stafford High School : 

Stafford High School Opened in 1982 Suburban High School of 900 students outside of Houston, TX 37 Native languages are spoken by our students

Stafford Athletics : 

Stafford Athletics 450 High School Athletes participating in 20 sports 250 Middle School Athletes participating in 10 sports

Stafford MSD : 

Stafford MSD 900 Students High School Students 120 Educators and Staff 1 Part Time Nurse 1 Athletic Trainer

Stafford Student-Athletes : 

Stafford Student-Athletes A Full Time Athletic Trainer-Teacher can impact: High School and Middle School aged athletes participating in 30 different sports Faculty and Staff of the school see me for orthopaedic medical advice Assist the school nurse with orthopaedic patient care Teach Sports Medicine or Occupational Health Classes Assist health instructors in providing up to date information concerning a healthy and active lifestyle

Daily Routine : 

Daily Routine 7:00 AM: Arrive at school 7:30 AM: Classes begin I teach 3 classes of Sports Medicine (8 class period day) Treatment of injured athletes in 4 athletic periods during the academic day 3:30 PM After school practices begin 7:00 PM Practices End

Educational Path : 

Educational Path Bachelors from University of Kansas in Human Biology , 1986 Masters of Education from Wichita State University in Sports Management, 1988 25 years of experience in Athletic Training

Our Benefits Can’t be Beat : 

Our Benefits Can’t be Beat Salary: $30,000 - $70,000 based on years of experience Benefits: Full Benefits Package 3 Months Vacation

Why a Secondary School? : 

Why a Secondary School? Working in the secondary school setting is fun for several reasons Students always keep you on your toes New and interesting injuries Students will ask for your advice Your fellow teachers are a second family Summers Off

The Value of an Athletic Trainer : 

The Value of an Athletic Trainer “I can not imagine operating a large athletic department without having a highly qualified (athletic) trainer like Mr. Edell on board. His work load and expertise is so broad that it is hard to imagine trying to do this without him. For the safety of all of our children I would not have anyone else. Serious problems such as lightning, proper hydration, and concussions are reason enough to enough to have a highly qualified trainer such as Mr. Edell.” Coach Bill Wilson Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Stafford MSD

Administrative Support : 

Administrative Support Superintendent Video

Daily Duties- Morning : 

Daily Duties- Morning 7:00-7:30 Prep for school day and before school treatments 7:30-8:30: 8th grade athletics; injury evaluations, treatments and paperwork 8:30-9:20: Teach Sports Medicine I 9:20-10:15: Teach Sports Medicine II & 7th Grade Athletics 10:15-11:10: Girls’ Athletics; injury evaluations, treatments and paperwork 11:15-12:00: Boys’ Athletics; injury evaluations, treatments and paperwork

Daily Duties- Afternoon : 

Daily Duties- Afternoon 12:00-12:30: Lunch 12:40-1:25: Teach Sports Medicine I 1:30-2:15: Planning and paperwork 2:20-3:10: Freshman Athletics; injury evaluations, treatments and paperwork 3:30-?: Afternoon practices and competitions

Daily Duties- Evening : 

Daily Duties- Evening My evening duties include Providing Athletic Training Coverage to our 30 athletic teams during competitions 3-5 nights per week

Other Duties As Assigned : 

Other Duties As Assigned Member of School Health Advisory Council Coordinator of state mandated steroid testing Coordinator of state mandated fitness testing Coordinator of AED Program Coordinator of CPR & First Aid training for coaching staff and students in Health classes (CPR & AED certification is required for all students in health) Assisting Parents with Insurance questions Coordinating Medical Coverage for events Coordinating Physician Visits of Athletes Budget Development Athletic Medical Record Coordination

…The Athletic Training Difference : 

…The Athletic Training Difference Student Video

Special Skills and Knowledge Needed : 

Special Skills and Knowledge Needed Q: What special skills, credentials or certifications are needed to do this job effectively? State of Texas Teaching Certificatioin State of Texas Athletic Trainer License National Athletic Trainers Association Certification CPR-FPR with AED Certification CPR, AED, First Aid Instructor Certification Q: Is there anything you wish you had known before entering this setting? Better Time Management Skills Earned a Teaching Certificate Q: How could athletic training educators better prepare students for a career similar to yours? Promote Teacher Certification more highly

Essential Skill Sets : 

Essential Skill Sets Good communication skills Time management skills are a must Willingness to work with kids

Other Credentialing : 

Other Credentialing Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified CPR/AED (Lay Responder and Professional) and First Aid Instructor American Red Cross Texas Certified Teacher Physical Education Sports Medicine

The Major Issues Facing Me Are: : 

The Major Issues Facing Me Are: Balancing family and work life is the most difficult issue Time management skills are what will “make or break” a secondary school Athletic Trainer

Quality of Life/Cost of Living Issues: : 

Quality of Life/Cost of Living Issues: When other teachers are going home our day is not complete. Balancing personal and professional time can lead to uncomfortable situations. Having an understanding spouse will make family life much easier. Many high school Athletic Trainers make more money than our collegiate peers.

If I had only known… : 

If I had only known… High School students say & do the most amazing things! How rewarding working with high school students was!

Key Resources to Learn More! : 

Key Resources to Learn More! Professional Websites

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