5 Must Have Features Your Restaurant App Needs


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The hospitality industry has become one of the top industries In terms of revenue generated through dedicated mobile apps. If you’re looking to develop a restaurant mobile app, find out what features will make or break it.


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Quality Features that any Restaurant App must have


INTRODUCTION Are you unsure whether developing a mobile app for your restaurant would be a prudent investment for your business ? Are your thinking of diving into the online food ordering a delivery business?  Take a look at some facts to understand exactly what you’re missing out on.




In 2015, total revenue generated via mobile applications for the restaurant industry reached $160 million. $160 million is one of the highest revenue growths for any industry in terms of mobile application sales.

1. Loyalty & Reward Programs:

1. Loyalty & Reward Programs T he most important is the fact that the cost of attracting/acquiring a new customer is 5 times higher than the cost of keeping one i.e. earning brand loyalty is cheaper than creating brand awareness and attractiveness.

2. Online Ordering & Payments:

2. Online Ordering & Payments Online and in-app ordering lets your customers avoid the lines or the wait for the order to be taken and processed . The ability to pay for their orders beforehand takes customer convenience one step ahead.

3. Location Based Services :

3. Location Based Services The prevalence of location based services like beacons and geo-fencing have given brands the ability to engage with potential customers. According to LevelUp , restaurants using beacons successfully see 8%-12% new customers, each week.




No matters your restaurant is small or big, your restaurant mobile app should have a table reservation option for your customers . This helps cut down customer frustration that undoubtedly arise from long waits to get a table.


5. Social Media Integration


Social media integration has become a permanent feature for every app out there. For the restaurant industry even more, what with the customer’s need to review their experience, take pictures of and upload them to their social media accounts like Instagram, SnapChat , FB etc.


CONCLUSION Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to improve sales, customer loyalty and retention or you’re an entrepreneur investing in your next venture of online food ordering and/or delivery service – the above features are a must to include into your app . However, depending on the range of your business and your needs, your app can be both consumer-facing and/or business-facing.

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