10 Features Turning Ordinary Apps to Extra Ordinary

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It might seem common but these basic features are essential to be taken care of to achieve extra-ordinary results


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© Copyright Showeet.com 10 Features Turning Ordinary Apps to Extra-Ordinary Discover Features which make mobile application development something worth

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© Copyright Showeet.com Stressing on ‘What’s Important’ While apps are flooded with features its time to think of standing out in the crowd. Check out whether the following features are present or not: 1. Outstanding User-Experience 2. Security 3. Faster Loading Speed 4. Optimized Apps 5. Design and Functionality 6. Tech Innovation in Apps 7. Offline Access 8. Low Battery Usage 9. User-friendliness 10. Regular Update Launch

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© Copyright Showeet.com Outstanding User-Experience User Experience is the most important factor whether it is mobile app or web app. If your app is not giving freedom to users to customize it on their own and thus feel like home then your app has failed even though you have get it developed from one of the best mobile app development company. Versatility in app is necessary to let it function across multiple devices and platforms in smooth manner.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Security Security is the added value to the core app idea. It assures users that access to their smartphone features and other information entered by them will not be misused. This is a crucially demanded factor whether you have invested in Android Application Development or iPhone Application Development.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Faster Loading Speed If apps are slow in loading or are stuffed with a lot of heavyweight components then it is likely to slow down your app. The average loading speed is between 6-10 seconds and it is the estimated time when your app is expected to load and if you fail to achieve so users won’t wait long to get disappointed and uninstall your application.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Optimized Apps Like one performs SEO with one of the Best SEO Company it is great to think of ASO for mobile apps. More the app will be visible in top search results more it is likely to be downloaded and generate leads. Also this visibility is enhanced with the overall app design which is displayed in screen captures on app stores.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Design and Functionality Design and Functionality are two factors which when implemented in effective combination yield great results. The standard and creative icon choice the color combination ease of navigation etc must be simple yet innovative which drives users crazy and they want more from your app.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Tech Innovation in Apps It is nothing new to state that apps are not just limited to smartphones too with innovations in devices apps are reaching there thus increasing accessibility and improving user experience by staying in touch with users through different mediums. Your app must be available with AI and VR features and with wearable devices.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Offline Access For making oneself available to clients even when the network is weak and when there is no internet connection businesses are making efforts to retain customers.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Low Battery Usage If your app is more demanding and is utilizing more battery or space on user’s device it will seem headache to them and will be a negative point on your end. Those apps consuming battery heavily are less preferred by users and hence you must keep this basic point in mind without making much efforts you can turn your app into extra-ordinary one

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© Copyright Showeet.com User-friendliness Though the app is developed by one of the Best Mobile App Development Company it is going to be used by laymen and high-class people at the same time and hence it must not seem to be a jumble to common people. User- friendliness is a key to make your app more wanted than your competitor’s.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Regular Update Launch Once launched mobile app must not seem like a burden unloaded. One must think of ‘what next’ and this is what makes a responsible impression of yours in users mind. Apps too require maintenance and bug fixes along with update launch and this arouses excitement in users that you always have something amazing to offer them.

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© Copyright Showeet.com Having these amazing features already implemented is great If not not to worry being one of the best mobile and web development company of Sydney we are ready to help you out with best possible solutions applicable to your niche. Visit us www.intuitionsoftech.com.au or mail your queries at enquiryintuitionsoftech.com.au

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