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Endocrine Pharmacology:



2 The endocrine system coordinates body activities and maintains homeostasis through _________. A. electrical impulses B. neurological impulses C. adrenalin D. chemical messengers The endocrine system communicates via chemical messengers called hormones. The nervous system uses much quicker electrical impulses. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


3 Endocrine glands release their products directly into ____________. A. ducts B. fluid just outside the cells C. the bloodstream D. connective tissue Endocrine glands release their products into the fluid just outside the cells. The hormones then diffuse into the bloodstream to be transported around the body. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


4 Which of the following is true of peptide hormones? They enter the cell through the plasma membrane. The hormone enters the cell and directly influences the production of an enzyme. The hormone-receptor complex binds to the DNA. They bind to a receptor site on the surface of the cell. Peptide hormones are water-soluble and therefore cannot enter the cell. They bind to a receptor site on the surface of the plasma membrane and ultimately use a messenger to carry out the production of the enzymes that change the activity of the target cells. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


5 Which of the following endocrine organs are capable of secreting hormones that are able to enter the cell because of their structure? ovaries testes adrenal glands all of the above Lipid-soluble hormones or steroids can pass easily through the lipid bilayer of the plasma membrane. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


6 Which of the following is an example of a negative feedback mechanism? A drop in levels of vitamin K cause slowed clotting times. The addition of dietary vitamin K improves clotting. A drop in core body temperature causes an increase in metabolic rate. The increase in body temperature inhibits the production of thyroid stimulating hormone. Uterine contractions stimulate the production of a hormone, which causes more contractions. The intake of growth hormone causes long bone growth. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


7 Which of the following is NOT produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland? prolactin luteinizing hormone growth hormone antidiuretic hormone Growth hormone, luteinizing hormone, and prolactin are all produced by the anterior pituitary. Antidiuretic hormone is released from the posterior pituitary AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


8 The posterior pituitary and the hypothalamus are connected by which of the following? blood vessels nerves a portal system ducts The posterior lobe of the pituitary is connected to the hypothalamus by nerve tissue. The anterior pituitary is connected to the hypothalamus by a portal system AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Oversecretion of which hormone will result in acromegaly? testosterone thyroxin metabolic increasing hormone growth hormone Increased production of growth hormone in adults causes bones to thicken, a condition called acromegaly. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Which of the following is a tropic hormone? thyroid-stimulating hormone thyroxin adrenaline oxytocin AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 When the doctor asks you to swallow and feels the sides of your throat, what gland is he or she feeling? pineal thymus thyroid salivary The thyroid gland is located in the neck. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Cretinism and myxedema may be reversed by ________. administration of simple proteins surgery injection of stimulating hormone administration of thyroxin Cretinism and myxedema are both caused by undersecretion of thyroid hormone. Oral administration of thyroid hormone (thyroxin) can prevent these symptoms. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Why did a man experience nervousness and muscle spasms following surgical removal of the thyroid gland? adrenaline levels were too high low levels of parathormone removal of the thyroid gland decreased levels of calcium The parathyroid glands are located on the thyroid and are often removed or destroyed when the thyroid is treated. The resultant decrease in parathormone causes decreased blood calcium resulting in nervousness and muscle spasms. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Which of the following raises heart rate, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and allows one to perform the extraordinary feats at the scenes of accidents reported on the news? epinephrine testosterone glucocorticoids aldosterone Epinephrine helps us respond to stress by increasing the heart rate, respiratory rate and blood glucose levels. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 A person with Cushing's syndrome has a pendulous abdomen with thin arms and legs. What causes this? Thyroxin increases metabolic rate. The pancreas secretes insulin. The adrenal cortex offsets the effects of the adrenal medulla. Cortisol causes the conversion of protein to glucose and then to fat. Cushing's syndrome results from prolonged exposure to high levels of the glucocorticoid cortisol. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Late in the afternoon, blood glucose levels fall and stimulate the secretion of which hormone? glycogen glucagon pancreatisome insulin As blood glucose levels fall between meals, the pancreas secretes glucagon, which stimulates the liver to break down glycogen to glucose. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Which is the most common form of diabetes? They are all about the same frequency diabetes insipidus Type 1 diabetes mellitus Type 2 diabetes mellitus By far the most common form of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes mellitus, which accounts for between 90% and 95% of all diabetes cases. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 What is the most common cause of insulin shock? swift drop in insulin levels too little insulin too much insulin too much sugar intake Insulin shock is caused by severe depletion of blood glucose. This is usually due to too much insulin. Although there may be many reasons for too much insulin, the most common is a diabetic injecting too much insulin. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 The control of our natural biorhythms and daily cycle is by ____________. thyroxin insulin melatonin dim light Melatonin influences our day/night cycles and the circadian rhythms of other animals. Neurons in the retina are stimulated by light entering the eye and impulses are sent to the hypothalamus. These messages eventually reach the pineal gland AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Cancer may be more prevalent in the elderly because of a decrease in immune function due to decreased output from the ________ gland. adrenal cortex thymus thyroid pineal The thymus gland secretes hormones involved in the maturation of white blood cells called T lymphocytes that are important for a healthy immune system. The thymus gland decreases in size and effectiveness with age. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 What is the primary difference between prostaglandins and other endocrine hormones? They are fat-soluble. They act locally. They cause an increase in metabolism. They affect the reproductive system. Prostaglandins are lipid molecules released by the plasma membranes of most cells. They are not considered true hormones because they produce their effects locally rather than at distant sites. They affect many systems and organs. AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Which hormone works antagonistically to parathormone: A) Triiodothyronine B) Insulin C) Estrogen D) Calcitonin AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 The pituitary gland is controlled by the: A) Anterior Lobe B) Hypothalamus C) Posterior Lobe D) Frontal Cortex AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Choose the pair of hormones that have agonistic effects on blood sugar levels: A) Calcitonin and PTH B) Adrenalin and Glucagon C) Glucagon and Glucose D) ADH and Aldosterone AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 The Pancreas produces which 2 hormones: A) Epinephrine and Insulin B) Melatonin and Glucagon C) Insulin and Glucagon D) Glucagon and Norepinephrine AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 Hypersecretion of Thyroxin would be caused by an increase in the release of: A) FSH or LH B) STHRH or STH C) TSH or ACTH D) TRH or TSH AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 The hormone Progesterone causes what to occur in women? A) Follicle Development B) Development of the Uterine Lining C) Spermatogenesis D) Female Secondary Sex Characteristics AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE


1/16/2015 In the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is controlled by hormones made where? A) In the Hypothalamus B) In the Adrenal Gland C) In the Pancreas D) In the Parathyroid AZEEZ. MYMOONA. NASEEFA. JSSCP ,MYSORE



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