The 6 ‘WH’ SAP data migration questions to ask your CSP!


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We present you the checklist of ‘WH’ questions that are needed to ask your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) when you plan your SAP Data Migration. Scroll through this colourful guide to know more! - See more at:


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HOW is the Performance Assured?:

HOW is the Performance Assured ? Check whether Service Level Agreement (SLA) is prepared for the services For shared compute resources to multiple clients, impart info on multi-tenancy issues

WHAT is the billing system?:

WHAT is the billing system ? The bills are to be generated on tenured basis or Consumption basis Depending on multi-renewal of agreements, bills can be negotiable

WHERE is datacenter located?:

WHERE is datacenter located? It is beneficial when datacenter, used to host SAP, is in geographic advantageous locations CSP having a previous experience or current clients running SAP in the cloud is best choice

WHEN can SAP migration be commenced?:

WHEN can SAP migration be commenced ? Previous expertise/experience of migrating SAP workloads to the cloud gives quick start The before knowledge on concerns like risks, downtime, interfaces helps fast migration

WHO are given the SAP services currently?:

WHO are given the SAP services currently? The CSPs can share Reference List of customers they provide SAP services Case studies of enterprise concerns regarding security, compliance and performance to be shared

WHY should a CSP be chosen above others?:

WHY should a CSP be chosen above others? It can be checked if the CSP has a specialization in the SAP world The auto-scalable feature in case of spike is added advantage

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