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Enrollment Now or booked or View course details of UI/UX Courses Patterns for Successful Software. Visit: http://nardiainfotech.com/ui-ux-courses-graphic-design-training/


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UI/UX Courses Introduction to User Experience Design What is UX Design Introduction to User Centered Design Why User Centered design User Centered Design Process

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User Research Personas User Research Methods Persona Creation Create User Journeys Information Architecture What is Information Architecture Organizing Content Labeling Content Navigation Searching Card Sorting Prototyping Create Design Sketches Develop High-fidelity Prototypes Using PS/Sketch Invision/Adobe XD Usability Testing Introduction Recruiting Participants Preparing Questionare Task List Moderating Session Analzing and Reporting Conclusion Usability Heuristics Visual Design Elements/Principles of Visual Design Color Theory Typography Illustration Branding Logo UI Development Basics User Interface Components Tools and Processes

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HTML CSS Introduction To Web Development Coding Testing and Validating a Web Page How To Use HTML To Structure a Web Page Using CSS To Format The Elements of a Web Page How To Use The CSS Box Model For Spacing Borders and Backgrounds How To Use CSS For Page Layout Lists and Links Responsive Web Design Images Tables Forms Audio and Video Fonts And Printing CSS3 Transitions Transforms Animations and Filters JavaScript Getting Started with JavaScript Writing Your First JavaScript Program The Grammar of JavaScript Adding Logic and Control to Your Programs Working with Words Numbers and Dates Dynamically Modifying Web Pages Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events

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Improving Your Images Introducing Ajax Basic Ajax Programming Bootstrap Getting to Know Bootstrap 4 Responsive Layouts With the Bootstrap Grid Using Bootstrap Components Building Forms With Bootstrap React JS Installing Node NPM and VS Code Introduction to React JS Creating React Environment Creating Application Creating and Editing Components Website Layout Mobile App iOS + Android Web Application Eligibility This course can be done by anyone with interest and passion to learn UI/UX Design. People with no prior job experience also can take-up this course. Graphic designers who would like to upgrade their career.

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Career Opportunities The demand for good UI/UX Designers is increasing everyday. Companies are looking for full- stack UX designers who can create the UX Design Develop the Visual Design and also build the UI with relevant front-end technologies. Trainers Your trainers are industry experts with over 18 years of experience in building the user experiences and user interfaces. Contact Us:- Address: - E-252 Phase-8B Prosperity Tower 7th Floor Industrial Area Mohali Punjab Phone No: - +91-98555-85853 Email: - hrnardiainfotech.com Visit: - http://nardiainfotech.com/ui-ux-courses-graphic-design-training/

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