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The installation of heating air curtain is relatively complex. Here you would found some the method and some important tips for air curtain installation. For any further advice or query visit our website: http://www.nanyoovents.com/heating-air-curtain-c-1_13.html


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How to Install Heating Air Curtain

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Heating Air Curtain These are the electronic air blowers that gush out strong current of air. The air curtain can effectively keep outside odours and fumes away from entering the room and keep your room fresh. These can be used for ventilation purposes and keeping a suitable atmosphere inside the space.

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Install Heating Air Curtain Here we tell you some simple methods of installing heating air curtain. The temperature difference air extracted from the outside air will form a strong airflow which will cause greater pressure. So we recommend installing the heating air curtain inside the room if the site conditions permit.

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Air curtains should be fitted horizontally over a door, or, if necessary, mounted vertically to the side. When you install the air curtain, try not to leave any gaps in each step. In the case of install position is not a plane, you can shim something for noise reduction. If you need to unite install two or more equipments, you’d better leave 5 to 10 mm gaps.

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Important Tips Of Heating Air Curtain Installation Sizing up Heating air curtain extracts the air from the side, you must leave at least 15CM the air intake distance. If the intake is on the surface - usually when installing the centrifugal air curtain - the air curtain should keep at least 50mm away from the ceiling. Air Stream S uccess It is really important to spend time getting the discharge air stream right; an air curtain won’t be effective if it has too little velocity or is too powerful.

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In Control Automatic controls are now widely available which allow the air curtains to operate at an optimum setting all of the time. Use An Efficient Heat Source Modern air curtains are designed to operate with 60/40 condensing boilers and heat pumps to increase their overall efficiency and deliver even greater savings to the customer.

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Still Not Sure? Heating air curtain installation is relatively complex, need to analyze the best way to install according to the material, type of work, site and other issues.

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Ask US For Advice For any other advice contact us as we have professional persons who can help you in installing heating air curtain. Foshan Nanhai Nanyang Electric Appliance & Motor Co., Ltd E-mail :   david@ny-motor.com Website: http://www.nanyoovents.com/heating-air-curtain-c-1_13.html

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