Uses of Heating Air Curtains in Different Fields

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Nanyoo heating air curtains are ideal for managing your workplace environment and protecting your facility, employees and customers from the vast array of internal and external contaminants.


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Heating Air Curtain:

Heating Air Curtain When air curtains were first made, their use was not so common and even not completely realized by the manufacturers. By the passage of time, Heating Air Curtain &air doors become a popular choice by most of the industries. It's not surprising that now they are widely accepted by all minor and major organizations and being used from a small café to a large aircraft hangar. All small and large businesses love to use this technology to maintain good hygienic conditions, eliminate dust, insects and bugs and to cut energy expenses.

Benefits of Air Curtain:

Benefits of Air Curtain It reduces energy costs by 20 to 30% approximately. Make the environment hygienic by preventing dust, insects and other pollutants. Bring the comfort level to 100% by maintaining the interior temperature at required level. All heating options like gas, steam and electric are available according to your building heating source. It has wind stopping capability of 30 miles per hour Temperature control efficiency is about 80 to 90% Easy to install, easy to handle and maintain

Other Main Advantages:

Other Main Advantages With all other advantages, most important and favourite advantages of H eating Air Curtains are Balanced temperature Less air condition energy loss Greater hygienic and sanitation level Complete prevention from all types of pollution

Use of Air Curtain in Food Service Providers:

Use of Air Curtain in Food Service Providers In food handling, insects like bees, mosquitoes, bugs and ants are big fans of sweets and other food items. To keep these fans out of the area, air doors make a stiff barrier between inside and outside atmospheres. So by the use of air door or curtains, you can run the bakery, restaurant or sweet shop in a crowded or humiliated area without the fear of mixing of pollutants with foods. Due to all these facts, food handlers like the use of air curtains to improve hygienic or sanitation levels and advanced customer satisfaction.

Why Your Business Needs an Air Curtain?:

Why Your Business Needs an Air Curtain? Businesses can therefore save on hefty electricity bills using these high-tech devices. Especially in cases where a well-sealed door cannot be put in place, since it would hinder the smooth flow of foot traffic in and out of the premise. It keeps away the traffic fumes from getting into the business premise. If you are running a restaurant business, you would most certainly want to keep away these insects. The advantage of re-circulating heating air curtains is that they give low velocity air flows that are desirable in certain businesses such as supermarkets and stores.

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