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Centrifugal In Line Fan is compact in design and consume less power to perform functions in a best and efficient manner. The rightful solution for the humid weather and ideal for damp environment.


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Centrifugal Inline Fan

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You might be using various devices and techniques to keep away the extreme heat and humid weather. Centrifugal inline Fan is the solution which will help you . It includes both direct and belt driven fans with backward-inclined or forward curved wheels.  

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It help is supplying and exhausting system for various premises. The steel casing of this device provides reliable operation in case of outdoor installation. For spaces with high requirements to the noise level low-noise modification units are ideal.

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This fan is mounted to the wall or ceiling with mounting brackets included into delivery set or with PVK holders, specially ordered accessory.

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The Motor & Working Process:

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The Motor & Working Process: The impeller with backward curved blades is powered by the single phase motor with external rotor and overheating protection with automatic restart . 1 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: You can even find standard sizes which are available with high-powered modifications and energy-efficient motor with low energy demand. 2 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: Motor protection rating IP 44, the motor is equipped with ball bearings for long service life designed for at least 40 000 hours. 3 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: Each turbine is dynamically balanced while assembly, it features safe operation and low noise. 4 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: You can control the speed of the fan with a smooth or step speed control with a thruster or autotransformer speed controller. 5 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: You can also find  centrifugal inline fan  which can be connected to one speed controller where complete power and operating current do not exceed the rated speed controller parameters. 6 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: You can mount Centrifugal Fan to wall or ceiling at any angle is performed with fastening brackets supplied with the unit. 7 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: It is powered through the external terminal box. For electric connection and installation, you must perform in compliance with the manual and wiring diagram on the terminal box. 8 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: Availed with electronic temperature and speed control module, it helps in providing automatic control of the motor speed depending on air temperature in the air duct or in the room. 9 Point

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The Motor & Working Process: Centrifugal In Line Fan is the absolute solution for ventilation of the premises requiring permanent temperature control as greenhouse. 10 Point

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You can find speed control knob for setting the motor speed in the front panel, thermostat control knob for setting the temperature set point and thermostat indicator light. Find Out

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