Advantages Of Using Heating Air Curtain?


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Air Curtain is an invisible door that does not cause any limitation to the movement of people or vehicles. It is an effective technology which offers various advantages in bad weather.


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Advantages Of Using Heating Air Curtain?

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Advantages of Air Curtains:

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It consumes the internal climate and increases the comfort of people by keeping the atmosphere clean . It prevents the foul smelling and harmful things entering the building or structure.

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Also in the winter season, it can retain the warmth inside by preventing cold air influx . Special features of this technology include fresh air control and oven humidity . This also controls dust and smell.

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It is great for the prevention of over spray from paint booths drifting into other areas . Also, in order to increase an air curtain with an electric heater, they provide a stream of hot air.

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Being an energy saving air screen, it is capable of reducing cooling and heating costs by as much as 80 percent. This keeps the conditions of two spaces separate with an invisible door.  Heating air curtain  generally include a metal corpus containing 2 set of fans, though the number of fan can vary depending on the length of the equipment.

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Why To Use An Air Curtain?

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Air curtain blows a stream of air in the downward direction creating an invisible door. It continuously blows from the top a doorway that is open to the bottom. It was at first used in the defence lines to form the second line inside closed doors or to replace the plastic flaps being hung in front of open doorways. It was used in the defence to form a barrier as this allowed movement of people and products but not air.

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Industrial Applications Of Air Curtains:

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It prevents the outside air influx through openings into cooled or heated areas . These can be used between the doors for receiving and shipping doors in warehouses to maintain different temperatures .

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It is used in hard rock mines at 1,100 feet depth, to control fresh air flow . Very commonly seen in commercial buildings at entrances to reduce energy consumption and provide comfort.

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Heating Air Curtain is a great technology that can pay off the investment. It offers you an improved productivity to control climate faster as well as safer. It also helps you in saving the space by creating an invisible door so that products and people can move around safely.

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