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Find the best quality FFP2 5 Layers KN95 Face Mask to protect you from diverse viruses and health hazards exclusively from Jinjiang Nanxing Weaving. These masks help you keep away from illness and germs. Visit our official website to buy now! https://www.nanxingweaving.com/disposable-mundmaske-ffp2-white-5-layers-non-woven-fabric-kn95-face-mask_p286.html


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FFP2 5 Layers KN95 Face Mask is intended for one-time use if the filter material has been filled with all kind of unclean things we propose you dont use it anymore replace it with a new one for the physical condition of yourself as well as your family. The FFP2 5 Layers KN95 Face Mask is a standard for respiratory equipment which filters ninety-five percent of particulates superior than 0.3 microns. Filter PM2.5 virus bacteria germ and harmful substance in the air defend your health High defense disposable defensive KN95 face masks. KN95 protection masks are appropriate for respiratory fortification from injurious particles in the air. It can successfully filter non-oily particles in the air up to more than ninety-five percent. It adheres as well as covers from your nose to the chin to defend against droplets dust air pollutant etc. KN95 masks are rated consistently effective to perform like N95. What does FFP2 5 Layers KN95 Face Mask

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What does kn95 mean FFP2 5 Layers KN95 Face Mask is an industry-standard as well as means that the mask offers the intended efficiency of filtering ninety-five percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers. Therefore our mask can defend you well from PM10 PM2 and even smaller particles. Compare N95 v KN95 v FFP2 face masks What is dissimilarity between n95 and kn95 In short they are essentially all the same. The N95 is the USA Code KN95 is China code KF94 is Korea code and FFP2 is the EU code this comprises the UK. KN95 KF95 and FFP2 face masks are N95 face mask options and N95 equivalents. They are all similar

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