Importance of Shuttered Electric Sockets in Your Home


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When it comes to electric socket covers, it is recommended to choose sockets with shutters that ensure optimal safety. Modern electric sockets are available in so many designs and colors that you can also choose sockets that perfectly match your home décor.


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Crabtree India Crabtree India QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida-201304 UP India Importance of Shuttered Electric Sockets in Your Home There are many reasons why you should install well-protected sockets in your home. Electric universal sockets have been here for a long time but you should choose sockets with covers that protect everyone in your home including small children. Find out the main benefits of using such sockets that provide additional levels of safety. Shuttered Electric Sockets A Shuttered socket is designed for both convenience and optimal safety. The socket can be accessed only when force is applied simultaneously to both the openings. This means that no one will be able to access the metal contacts accidently. Thus it will be almost impossible for small children to access the metal contacts inside the socket. High quality sockets will prevent any potential risks of accidently coming in contact with the internal metal components. This will also make your home a safer place to work or for DIY tasks. Serious Need For Electric Socket Covers Parents are always looking for ways to keep their children safe from electrical sockets and equipment. Using electric socket covers is an effective way to address this need. Such covers can effectively prevent your child’s little hands from coming in contact with the wall outlets. These covers create a physical barrier to the socket.

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Crabtree India Crabtree India QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida-201304 UP India It is much safer to use such socket covers than using plastic blank plugs. Many homeowners have been using blank plugs which are not always efficient and safe. Many times the plugs do not fit the sockets perfectly. They can also increase the risk of your fingers coming in contact with the metal parts. Need for Additional Plug Sockets Many homes and offices plug a four-way extension lead into a wall socket to run different appliances. For example if you have a home office you are most likely to be running the computer printer and other devices using the extension lead. This puts a limit on the number of devices you can power. Having additional plug sockets can help in addressing this limitation. Key Features Some of the main features of the latest sockets are as following:  Available in different colors and designs to match your room’s décor  Adheres to the latest industry safety standards  Features sophisticated self-lubricating properties  Robust design and excellent mechanical strength for longevity  Glossy finish for preventing dust from settling You can have these sockets installed in a series with or without space between them to power multiple devices. This will also help you use more extensions. New Designs Latest sockets are available with new designs and finishes. This allows you to mix and match the colors and design with your home décor. Choose from a multitude of colors or finishes such as oak beech or maple shades. Thus there is no longer any need to be stuck with the traditional white sockets and switches for your home. While these modern electrical sockets provide excellent protection against accidental electric shocks you should still follow all precautions for optimal safety. Proper earthing and insulation should be ensured to protect against potential electric shocks. The latest high quality sockets can not only help increase safety they can also add to your home’s elegance.

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