What Are The Advantages Of Shuttered Sockets

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Crabtree India Crabtree India QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida-201304 http://www.crabtreeindia.com UP India What Are The Advantages Of Shuttered Sockets There are different types of plug sockets each one offering their own set of advantages. When choosing the right sockets for your home it is important to consider functionality and safety. Shuttered sockets have become quite popular due to their benefits. This guide explains the features and benefits of these commonly used sockets. Shuttered Sockets If you have children it is imperative that you use Shuttered socket. Even when kids are left to themselves you will have peace of mind. These sockets provide much better level of protection compared to the standard outlets. They feature an automatic shutter that can be opened only when parallel force is applied to both the holes. The key benefits of having these electric socket covers are as following:  There is higher level of protection for everyone against electric shock.  The socket is designed for convenience.  The shutter will open only when simultaneous forces are applied to both the openings. This prevents children from getting access to the metal contacts. In these sockets the shutters are firmly fixed and there is no risk of them coming off accidently. Children are highly likely to play with objects. Since they cannot apply the required amount of force simultaneously to both the openings these electric socket covers will not open. Sockets

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Crabtree India Crabtree India QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida-201304 http://www.crabtreeindia.com UP India with built-in RCD protection are considered some of the safest options available in the market. The shutters will close the moment plugs are removed. These sockets are also recommended for areas like laundries bathrooms kitchens and garages. Since the Shuttered socket remains closed there is lesser risk of splashed water enabling a contact. Features of Shuttered Sockets The key features of this type of sockets are as following:  There are lesser risks of accidental contacts between the live terminals.  Available with single and twin variants  Available with double pole  Available for different current capacities  Available with additional switch  Available with neon indicator  You can also find these plug sockets in horizontal or vertical configuration  Choose from a wide range of finishes  Available in a wide range of color options Shuttered Universal Sockets Shuttered universal sockets are also available that can be used in different settings. These types of sockets are designed of be compatible with all the standard types of outlets. You can use them with square or semi-circle outlets. They are also easier to use and offer lots of versatility. These modern plug sockets are designed with features that make them quite safe. There is special protection against electrical parts contacts and splashed water. These sockets are designed for single hand use as the shutter can be opened by pushing the plug with enough force. These sockets are also future-proof. They can be used with different phase connections in residential and commercial settings. Thus there are many advantages of using Shuttered socket. It is due to these advantages that they have become the norm in most settings. If you are looking for new sockets for your home or office it is recommended to choose these shuttered sockets for optimal safety and convenience.

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