Why Shuttered Sockets are Recommended for all Homes


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Shuttered sockets provide exceptional levels of safety against accidental contact with the power points. You can also find Shuttered socket in a wide range of designs and colors to match your interior decor.


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Crabtree India Crabtree India QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida-201304 http://www.crabtreeindia.com UP India Why Shuttered Sockets are recommended for all Homes There are different types of sockets with universal sockets being the most commonly used options. These different socket types offer different advantages in different settings. If you are looking for the right sockets for your residential or commercial building this guide is for you. Learn about the features and benefits of shuttered sockets for your building. Shuttered Sockets Modern safety standards require that the pin apertures are protected to prevent any accidents. The Shuttered socket is gaining widespread popularity due to this reason. These units have the shutter work when one or multiple pins are inserted. It is recommended to choose sockets that operate with multiple pins. Some sockets have electric socket covers that provide additional level of protection. They are specifically designed to provide optimal child safety. These systems will require the user to have an understanding of the mechanism. They can be used only with adult strength thus preventing children from accessing the outlet. How Shuttered Sockets Work Typical shuttered plug sockets feature inbuilt shutters what close the pinholes when the plug is removed. If you have small children in your home such sockets can provide you additional peace of mind. It can provide high level of protection against electric shock. Small children are always busy discovering things. Even if they are able to reach the socket outlet having these sockets in your home can prevent them from accessing the pinholes. It is highly recommended to install such sockets over the standard socket outlets. The automatic shutter will always cover the pinholes unless a parallel pressure is applied to open both the holes.

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Crabtree India Crabtree India QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida-201304 http://www.crabtreeindia.com UP India Tamper Resistant Another feature that makes electric socket covers effective is that they have tamper resistant design. Such sockets are specifically designed for commercial applications and ensure workplace safety. This can also help in limiting the use of machinery and equipment to select personnel. Features of Shuttered Sockets Some of the main advantages of Shuttered socket systems are as following:  Preventing accidental contact with the metal terminals inside the power point  Option to choose sockets with neon indicators  Choose between single/twin variants  The mountings can be vertical or horizontal  Choose electric socket covers from a wide range of plastic and metal finishes and colors to match your interior décor  Provides high level of safety for both children and adults from accidently coming in contact with the power point  Ease of use  The shutter will open only when simultaneous pressure is applied on both the openings  There is no chance of accidental removal of the shutter because it is firmly fixed to the socket So if you want to ensure optimal safety in your home or office make sure to install Shuttered socket. These sockets are designed to prevent accidental contact with the power points. Whether you have children in your home or not these units can provide extra layer of protection at all times. These sockets are also available in a wide range of colors and designs to match your interior décor.

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