Benefits of Buying Modular Switches Online


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Switches are an integral part of any circuit. There are different types of switches available and with the knowledge of what exactly they do and how they work, the best way to buy them is online.


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Havells India Ltd. Havells QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida - 201304 Benefits of Buying Modular Switches Online An essential part of any household modular switches make every day functioning very easy. Although small in size and usually unnoticed these household devices play a major role. If not for the switches the usage of electricity would have been unsafe. There have been a few changes in the designs of the switches over time and what we see today are the latest and the most comfortable user friendly and efficient designs available. A wide and user friendly range is available and you can easily buy modular switches online. This proves to be the most effective method to make your purchase because of the following reasons: 1 Saves time -All you need to do is sit back and check out the entire range of switches online. In other words it is all just a click away. This way you will not have to take out time from your schedule exclusively for buying switches. 2 Saves money -No travelling to stores implies no fuel costs. No fuel cost means more savings. 3 Lets you compare -Different websites and the freedom to compare make the process of choosing switches all the more easy and simple. You can compare the

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Havells India Ltd. Havells QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida - 201304 materials used warranty prices and much more and buy yourself the best products. 4 Product reviews -You can easily read the reviews of different users and then decide on which products do you find the most reliable. Although all the above written points are completely correct a few problems still persist and confuse buyers. The biggest problem being incomplete information about the products they are looking for. Let us look in detail the two types of switches that most commonly find their applications in day to day uses. One way switches and 2 way switches The main difference between one way and two way switches is the number of contacts they have. One way switches have two contacts whereas two way switches have three. One way is basically a make or break type switch. When turned on the two terminals are connected and when turned off the contact is broken. In contrast when we talk about a two way switch it is a combination of two one way switches. One of the terminals can be connected to either of the two but not both of them together. When you are to make a connection with another terminal the connection with the first one is broken.

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Havells India Ltd. Havells QRG Towers 2D Sec- 126 Tel: 0120- 4771000 Express way Noida - 201304 2 way switches are advantageous because they allow the control of a single device from two different locations. All in all it is these very small looking devices that change the way we work regularly. They ease our work and usually go unnoticed. It is time we give switches the credit they deserve.

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