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HAVELLS Home Kitchen Appliances Havells - Choose the Right Coffee Maker for your Home A good cup of coffee can work wonders and make your day. Choosing the right coffee machine from Havells can get you a fresh start every day and help you get through the day with ease. The aroma the taste the feel and everything about it a perfect cup of coffee can work wonders. It can uplift your mood and bring back the freshness you have been longing for. Coffee is not just a beverage it is a magic potion which lets you take a break from your daily life the start of a new day. It casts a spell on your soul and transports you to another world. But what if you feel that your cup of this magic drink is not up to the mark and the first sip that you take is not as extraordinary as you thought. Probably a deal breaker isnt it or rather a heartbreaker. If you dont feel the alchemy happening when you take the first sip it is probably your coffee maker at fault. If you have been a regular coffee drinker for quite some time you definitely know the importance of a good coffee maker machine. So how do you get about choosing the right one for your home Ponder over your choices There are three broad categories of coffee makers that are available widely in the market the drip coffee maker the vacuum coffee maker and the percolator. The drip coffee maker however is the bestselling product in the market wooing to the way coffee is brewed in it. This machine works by dripping hot water over ground coffee to thoroughly extract the flavor. T o get the best cup of coffee every time you need to follow each and every instruction carefully. With the perfect length of brewing time the waters temperature and the size of the ground coffee and your favorite brand Havells the result will always be great. HAVELLS RG Towers - 2D Sec- 126 Phone - + 91-120-3331000 Express way Noida - 201304

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HAVELLS Home Kitchen Appliances Next is the vacuum coffee maker. It is highly appreciated by people who are head over heels for strong and rich coffee. It vacuums the flavor of coffee from ground coffee resulting in a cup full of flavor. The percolator however is the least preferred type of coffee maker because it boils instead of brewing and results in bitter taste. Apart from these there are espresso coffee machines which are again a choice of people who specifically love espresso more than any other type of coffee. Things to take note of There are multiple points that you need to consider when looking for the best coffee maker. You can evaluate your needs for the cup of coffee you want and determine the type of Havells coffee maker you would want to buy. While there are some people who just can’t start their day without the boost of added energy provided by coffee there are some who just have a natural love for it. If you are amongst the ones who need a cup after regular intervals throughout the day you will benefit a lot from the Havells fast drip coffee makers. If you are the one who won’t mind spending some time brewing your cup of coffee you sure can opt for the vacuum coffee maker. HAVELLS RG Towers - 2D Sec- 126 Phone - + 91-120-3331000 Express way Noida - 201304

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