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Use WiFi HotSpot management software to secure your network and block unwanted users. With HotSpot software each user is redirected to the HotSpot authentication page.


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HotSpot - Use of Wi-Fi Hotspot Management Software? :

HotSpot - Use of Wi-Fi Hotspot Management Software?

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What Is a Hotspot? A hotspot is any location where a wireless network provides Internet access to the public places. These hotspots became popular over a decade ago at eating establishments such as coffee houses and are now found anywhere people congregate (malls, airports, hotels, etc.).Hotspots have grown in number, and grown more important, as more people have shifted to laptops and smartphones. Wi-Fi is no longer considered a luxury. In fact, most consumers today assume it will be available, and are frustrated when it’s not. Wi-Fi is more than an added benefit, it's an expectation. If you don’t offer Wi-Fi Internet access people will go to another place.   And this means – less profit for you!

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What Kind of Equipment is Required? Basic HotSpot equipment is inexpensive.   A Hotspot basically consists of an:   • Internet connection • Cloud Server that controls customer’s wireless laptops/smartphones • Access Point/Router How Do I Make Money With Hotspot?   You make money every time someone walks into your Wi-Fi area and opens a laptop or PDA computer. Here is how it works: Your equipment should be configured as open and easily discoverable.

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This is what you want – customers should find your Access Point easily and be able to connect to it. They will type some URL (like in order to start browsing, but instead of getting that page, they will be redirected to your login page, which is displayed by Nanovise HotSpot software. Advertising Local Businesses: Sell your neighboring businesses advertising space that will be seen by anyone joining your HotSpot! Premium Access: Pay for wifi to get ad-free wi-fi and/or higher speed than normal speed. In addition to a free access mode, you can allow faster connections for a fee. Social Network Connection: Connecting with customers on social networking like FB page, to increase repeat customers.

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Offer: Promote a new product/service or call attention to an existing sale!   Increase Customer Stay: Simple logic, the longer a customer stays, the more they are buying! by free sign-in process.   You can also advertise those businesses who are donating bandwidth. What are Expenses for HotSpot Business Starters ? HotSpot can be created with little effort and expense if you choose smart solution. Instead of traditional solution which includes client side server and wifi billing software for which you need a computer and associates hardware, ticket printing machine and few persons to manage all these, if you choose Nanovise Cloud management HotSpot then you can save all these unnecessary expenses and there is zero maintenance.

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For hotspot only you need a decent ISP. Access point according to the need and a Nanovise master router. That's it, rest will be taken care of by Nanovise in a very less monthly charge.   Secure WiFi HotSpot Network   Use WiFi HotSpot management software to secure your network and block unwanted users. With the HotSpot software each user is redirected to the HotSpot authentication page. Valid login accounts are required in order to gain Internet access via your Hotspot network. Without correct username and password, user will not be able to use your services.

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If you accept credit cards, customers will expect SSL (Secure connection) to your payment gateway. Only then, customer will proceed to checkout page and pay for usage.   Limit Internet Bandwidth Slow Wi-Fi is as bad as no Wi-Fi. Now days nothing frustrates customer more than a low-quality, slow Wi-Fi connection. High-quality, fast Wi-Fi is essentially a positive reflection of your own business. For that you need to limit the download and upload speed of each login, so that everyone gets equal speed. And fun part is you can change it in future if necessary.

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