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Celebrating Family, God’s Greatest Blessing The Galinato Book

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"In all of us, there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we came from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness. In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future. Alex Haley, Roots

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THE GALINATOS OF PALMA STREET TO THE WORLD … WE GOT A LONG, LONG WAY !! It was in the 50's when most of the third generation of Galinatos were born . We were quite a lot, at least 3 - 4 cousins born in a year. There were more additions in the 60's and 70's and then slowed down in the 80's. Family gatherings would mean a lot of fun and bonding among cousins . It was easy to gather then , cousins from Cebu were the farthest who would attend and their visits added excitement and a difference in any occasion, being "foreign guests." There was only one Galinato family in Manila, that of Tio Lory and Tia Flora, who, not until today, we never had the chance to know. Family gatherings were frequent up to the mid 70’s for occasions like Christmas or Tatang and Lola Pila’s birthdays. In the 80's, seeing each other would mean only on rare happy occasions like weddings and also on those dreaded times when we had to bid farewell to family members who passed away. Times changed. Everyone had their own lives to attend to, each one busy with studies and work and finding one's niche. People moved to far and unreachable places thus it was just difficult to gather the usual way . Visiting home was always on a very limited time. Since then, we have not visited the grand old house on Palma Street. Family gatherings have become rare and attendance becoming fewer. The GALINATOS are now spread all over different parts of the world We would only hear news about each other getting married, giving births, celebrating milestones like graduation , weddings of children. Then came the first of the fourth generation. Soon after it was time for the fifth generation. Unfotunately, these generations could not really trace their connections in the family tree other than hearing the same family name – Galinato. Thanks to the new technology, majority of us had the opportunity to meet again even in cyberspace. Who would ever imagine that we could just be exchanging notes and memories through Facebook, Frienster, YM. Virtual as it maybe, we still remember the laughter that we shared through old photos that are being posted. This brought about the idea of a Grand Galinato Gathering to meet each one in person just like the way we used to do during the 60's and the 70's. Everyone became excited and supported the idea . Blood is thicker than water , indeed it is ! Once a family, always a family. We may have hundreds of best friends , close friends , favorite friends., but when the word " FAMILY " is concerned, we know of only one. GGGG is a chance to gather as one big happy and closely knit family the way we used to be. It is not about showing and competing with what one has achieved, the success one has reached. We gather for bonding to show love, unity , togetherness and appreciation as part of the GALINATO FAMILY . It is a time to celebrate family the way Lola Pila and Tatang used to do every gathering at the sala of our ancestral house on Palma Street. It is a time to know the fourth and fifth generations. , to meet the third generation cousins, who once upon a time, were children who made Palma come alive. It will surely be Palma house revisited. Above all, GGG is a tribute to the Second Generation Galinatos, our beloved parents and of course, to Lola Pila and Tatang. We will not be here if not for them. This reunion is long overdue. We welcome everyone to GGGG. It is our fervent wish that the bonding and oneness will not end here but will continue for years to come. Elizabeth L. Haroun

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Sa Akong Pamilya Galinato , Dako akong pasalamat ug lubos kaayo nga kalipay , kay sa akong edad nga otsenta' y uno , naabot nako ang panahun , diin magtapok sa unang higayun arun sa pag pa hinungod sa atung pamilya Galinato dinhi sa Bohol. Taas na kaayo ang panahun ug mga tuig nangagi diin wala na kita mag katapok isip usa ka dakong pamilya . Dili ingon niadtung unang panahun nga naa ra kita sa usa ka lugar nagkatapok kay ang atung panginabuhi ania ra man sa atung lugar. Nag-bag-o ang panahun ug kasagaran nang langyaw na sa layung dapit arun didto ipadayun ang katumanan sa mga damgo ug tinguha. Sa pag bag-o niining panahun , dala ang pag layo sa usag -usa kanato. Maoy akong pangandoy nga unta mag katapok ang tanan , sa usa ka higayun. Dako atung pamilya , ug sa matag adlaw kini gabunga ug nanalingsing. Ang akong kamingawan ug kahadlok , nga dili na unya ang sunod nga mga henerasyun mag ka ilhanay isip usa ka pamilya , tungod sa kadako niini ug nag-kasabwag na sa diin -diin nga parte sa kalibutan. . Namingaw ko nga wala na maabot nilang Manang Panching , si Enciang , si Lory ug si Arce , si Tering ang maong selebrasyun ug pahinungud nga atung pagahimoon. Kamaayo unta hunahunaon ug nahitabo pa nga naa pa unta si Mama Pila ug Si Tatang sa maong pag saulog. Ang akong ipang hinaut para sa tanan ug iampo kanunay sa kahitas-an nga unta dili lamang niining panahuna sa pag tipon-tipon kita magkahiusa isip usa ka pamilya Galinato , kong dili magpadayun ang usag -usa sa paghandum , pag inig-sounay , pag higugmaay , padayun sa pag himamatay sa mga bag-ong ma himugso , pag lipay , ug pag tinabangay , sa umaabot nga panahun ug sa taas pang mga tuig ug higayun . Gi awhag nako ang tanan , nga unta mag pa bilin ang atung panag hiusa , ug tagaan pa ko's ginoo ug taas nga kinabuhi arun akong ma sud-ong pa ang mga umaabut natung panag tapok. Sa akong mga mga anak ug ilang mga pamilya , si Nenette , Libeth , Alexander , Pepe , Ondoy Apong ug Day Amor , sa akong disisyete nga mga apo , akong mga umagad , mga pag- umangkun ug ilang mga pamilya – DAGHAN KAAYUNG SALAMAT. Dako kaayo ang akong GARBO sa inyung pag pangusog ug pag mugna , pag paningkamot ug katumanan niini nga tapok. . , Sa akong mga igsoon nga wala na matugyani ug maka - abot sa maong higayun nga atung makauban si Manang Panching Teofila Galinato- Lamdagan

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Akong kinasingkasing pahalipay ug pahinangop sa akong kabanayannga motambong sa umaabot nga dakong tigom gitawag ug "Grand Galinato Gathering“ nga himoon sa iyudad sa Tagbilaran karong ika 24-26 sa Hulyo, 2009.         Dili nato ikalimod nga ang atong mga anak ug ang anak sa atong mga anak wala na mag kaila tungod kay wala sila magkakita labi na ang uban ato-a na sila mag puyo sa lain-laing dapit sa kalibutan. Tungod niini kinahanglan himuon ang pag tapok tapok sigon sa naandan sa atong ginikanan. Ang pagkita-kita maoy usa ka paagi nga magkaila ug magsinabtanay ang osag-sa. Mabag-o usab ang kaniadtong panag-hiusa.     Panghinauton nato nga kining atong panagtigom mag malipayon, mabulukon ug mabungahon uban sa panalingin sa Kahitas-an.                                                                             Dodong Faustino A. Galinato, Jr. ug si Nong Poloy , si Itay Venancio , si Lory , Si Arce , Si Tering diin , iyang kalipay ang maong klase sa pag –saulog ug magpakita sa kahanas mosayaw , si Enciang ug Si Sauro - nga maoy modala sa ka bibo , naa man mo karon sa laing kalibutan , ang maong pagsaulog ug pahinungod para usab kaninyu. Si Dodong , Si Bebang , Si Frank ug si Flor , unta makauli mo tanan ani nga higayun.. Si Flora , Si Melying , Ceding , Janet , Toto , Landing ug Celin , unta kita tanan makatambong. Anaa na kita sa panahun sa pag sawup sa adlaw , diin ang kasunod mao na ang kangitngit . Magkakita kita unta tang tanan. Sa mga nabilin nakong mga kagupa - ang mga Olaer ug Ampong sa Guindulman / mga Peralta-Galinato nga karon nanimuyo sa Mindanao , unta kita magkakita pod niining higayun nga gihatag nato sa Ginoo. Maayong Pagsaulog sa atung PAMILYA Galinato. Bulahan kitang Tanan ug Magmalipayun. !!!!!!!!!! Manang / Mama / Tia Fely Ampong GALINATO - Lamdagan

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Tracing our roots In the early 1920’s, a young man from the very distant province of Ilocos Sur in the northern part of the country, found himself traveling all the way to the eastern part of Bohol on assignment as sanitary inspector of the Department of Health. The young man, Faustino Peralta Galinato, began a new chapter of his life, without family and friends, in the old town of Guindulman. The town got its name from the local word which means ‘overtaken by darkness.’ It has been said that travelers starting off from one town to the opposite town in this part of Bohol would be overtaken by darkness before he gets to his destination. Both towns were merged as one and so Guindulman found its spot on the map. It cannot be said that the young Faustino was overtaken by darkness; instead , he was overwhelmed by the light that shone on him when he met a young lady from the component town of Tabajan. The young lady, Teofila Olaer Ampong, charmed the young man no end that he pursued her until he got her to say ‘yes’ to her noble intentions. Guindulman was home to the young couple as they started a family. They weathered the Japanese war and witnessed the burning of the town by the Japanese. At the onset of peace time, Faustino decided to bring his family to Tagbilaran City. He went back to school and completed 2 courses – Accounting and Law. He taught at his Alma Mater, Rafael Palma College while Teofila took care of the family. By sheer determination and hard work, Faustino and Teofila saw their 10 children through college and start careers of their own. And so it was that the valiant blood of the Ilocano and the captivating charm of the Boholana became the roots of a legacy that we take great pride in and honor to this day.. The Galinato name…. a lineage extraordinaire.

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Teofila Ampong Galinato March 5, 1904 July 8, 1979 Faustino P. Galinato, Sr. July 29, 1900 May 16, 1976 Esperanza G. Lim April 4,, 1925 – Aug. 6, 2003 Teofila G. Lamdagan Oct. 15, 1927 Lorega Gallarza June 1, 1926 June 1, 1926 May 8, 1980 Dec. 8, 2000 Faustino, Jr. Nov. 30, 1929 Fulgencia G. Torralba May 21, 1932- June 27, 2002 Quiterio March 20, 1935 April 12, 1999 Genoveva G. Sheng Oct. 31, 1937 Francisco Dec. 9, 1939 Flor de Villa G. Antigua June 4, 1943 Ampong - Galinato

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The Galinato Family Taken Dec. 27, 1950 Back L-R Fulgencia G. Torralba, Gallarza Galinato, Esperanza G. Lim, Faustino Galinato, Jr. Teofila G. Lamdagan, Lorega Galinato, Genoveva G. Sheng Front L-R Francisco Galinato, Teofila A. Galinato, Flor de Villa G. Antigua, Faustino Galinto, Sr., Quiterio Galinato

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A Golden Celebration May 3, 1974 Where there is great love, there are always miracles. --Willa Cather

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The House on Rafael Palma St. It once stood alone, no neighbors, no trees ….then the neighbors came, so did the trees. We loved to have our pictures taken by the driveway This part of the house was where the family always posed for posterity.. ancestral home : the place of origin of one’s family defined by the birthplace of any of one’s partriline ancestors; plays an important social role in a person’s identity and provides a legacy of its history

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Esperanza Galinato Lim Nanay Panching took her role as the eldest of 10 seriously that everyone, from her siblings to all nieces and nephews, accorded her the respect that she so well deserved. She was Manang and Nanay to the whole clan. Not till this time, little is known about how Tatay Poloy and Nanay came together. They first crossed paths when they were students at the Bohol Provincial High School. They became high school sweethearts up to their third year in high school. Before the next school year was to start, Tatay decided to try his luck in Manila and so they went separate ways. Tatay pursued a degree in Law in Manila and on the side, pursued other girls, as well. After a few years, Tatay came home from Manila and resumed his studies at Rafael Palma College where he finished his Law degree. Tatay and Nanay provide the best testimony that love is lovelier the second time around. Finding themselves in each other’s company once more, they continued their relationship where they left off and eventually got married in early 1952. Nanay completed her degree in Education in Silliman and taught at the Bohol School of Arts and Trade. She later assumed the post of librarian until her retirement in the late 70’s. Tatay was a Municipal Circuit Judge for the Municipalities of Corellea & Sikatunal, holding that position until he retired in October, 1985. On top of being an excellent cook, Nanay was a very good pianist and would delight us with her rendition of old time favorites. Nanay was proudest when son, Zeezee followed Tatay’s footsteps by becoming a lawyer. Daughter, Lalai is now based in New Mexico after working in Metrobank-Tagbilaran for several years.

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Zeu Kalinao G. Lim Oct.19, 1953 Farah Dee L Hontanosas (Lalai) Oct. 4, 1961 Esperanza G. Lim April 4, 1925 –Aug. 6. 2003 Froilan Lim Oct. 5, 1923 – July 31, 1993

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Susan Quiachon Lim Sept. 1, 1967 Zeu Kalinao G. Lim Oct.19, 1953 Froiland Zeus G. Lim June 28, 2000 Fhatima Zesca G. Lim Nov. 26, 2001 Franckou Zeus G. Lim Jan. 8, 2004

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Farah Dee L. Hontanosas (Lalai) Oct. 4, 1961 Douglas Hontanosas May 11, 1960 Dinno Giovanni L. Hontanosas Sept. 24, 1989

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Manong Dinno playfully head butts Froiland Now New Mexico-based, Lalai and Douglas migrated to the US in 2002. Nanay Panching didn’t want to be called Lola so she was Uyang to Dinno. Nong ZeeZee and Froiland in Nanay Panching’s garden. Nany would stay up till 2:00 am to water her plants Perhaps the most unique of terms of endearment, Tatay Poloy was ‘Nyor’ (for Senyor) and Nanay was ‘Mo’ (for Amo) Uyang would accompany Froiland on his afternoon stroll

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Lorega A. Galinato If Tio Lory’s life story was made into a movie, he would be a perfect fit to play himself having that boy-next-door, moviestar image that he projected to precision. He deserved to be on the best-dressed list. He often had his audience in awe when he whipped out mean dancing steps.. Tio Lory spent most of his life in Manila where he worked at the Manila International Airport. He would visit Bohol only on special occasions. Tia Flora would also have the chance to visit when she would be on official assignments relative to her work in Central Bank. Eldest son Edgar died in a swimming accident. Three more boys followed (Alan, bebot and Buboy) before 3 girls (Lala, Mariflor and Ethel) became new additions to the family.

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Ortiz - Galinato

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Edgar Galinato June 24, 1948 June 24, 1983 Lolita Ejera Galinato (Lita) Aug. 28, 1950 Keannu G. Cruz Oct. 27, 1996 Camille Mae G. Cruz Nov. 13, 1990 Carlo Miguel G. Cruz Nov. 13, 1991 Karl Angelo G. Cruz Dec. 26, 2005 Lani Galinato Aug. 17, 1970 Edwin Galinato March 4, 1971 Trixia Galinato Dec. 12, 1997 Jannette G. Cruz June 12, 1973 Lito Cruz June 10, 1961 Jeedly G. Barcala (Bhaging) Dec. 25, 1974 Mica G. Barcala Oct. 25, 1993 Ryan Felix G. Barcala Dec. 18, 1994 Brittany G. Baracala April 29, 1996

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Alan Galinato Sept. 12, 1960 Liberty Condalor Galinato Nov. 30, 1962 Arjun Galinato Jan. 17, 1981 Fatimae Galinato Perez Nov. 12 , 1982 Rocky Galinato Oct. 28, 1983 Mercury Galinato Nov. 27, 1986 Miracle Galinato Nov. 10, 2005 Arjun Rocky Alan Miracle Zyke Lian Fatimae Marshall Mercury Marie Lian Galinato Oct. 7, 2004 Zyke Galinato Aug. 20, 2002 Marshall G. Perez July 30, 2003 Marie de los Santos Galinato June 21, 1982 Karen Dizon Galinato Nov. 11, 1983 Paolo Perez Aug. 12, 1982

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Ronan Galinato (Buboy) Oct. 21, 1962 Marilou Sarmiento Galinato Aug. 12, 1964 Ronmark S. Galinato ( Maru) Dec. 8, 1994 Pinky Marie S. Galinato July 4, 1996 Maureen Louise S. Galinato April 4, 2000 Marion S. Galinato Dec. 26, 1995

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Mia G. Canillo (Lala) Sept. 20, 1964 Pacifico Canillo Nov. 20 1965 Michael John Paul G. Canillo (Mico) July 3, 1985 Kris Paolo G. Canillo (KP) June 25, 1986 Jan Vincent G. Canillo (JV) Nov. 11, 1987 Katricia Vanessa G. Canillo (Katkat) Nov. 29, 1994 Carl Jhayan G. Canillo (CJ) May 5, 1997 Kurt G. Canillo Aug. 24, 2007

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Ethel G. Sisante April 13, 1968 Cristhel Sisante March 5, 1986 Marie Joyce Ann Sisante Jan. 13, 1987 Mark RonaldSisante Feb. 6, 1991 Mark Renz Sisante Aug. 24, 1995 Reynald Howell Sisante June 21, 2006 Ronald Sisante April 3, 1965

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Tio Lorie’s jr, Bebot with wife,, Rosini Pahimna Family matriarch, Flora Ortiz Galinato Keeping the Galinato tradition of big family gatherings alive Bebot, Buboy, Janet, Lito Standing : Rjun, Alan Lola Flora with grandkids, Howell and Lian Tio Lori always had that leading man look.

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Gallarza A. Galinato Tio Arcy took the saying ‘Love thy neighbor’ to heart. He must have also taken it upon himself to make it ‘Love thy seatmate.’ In this case, neighbor and seatmate was one and the same girl – 17-year old Emiliana Bernados. Being seatmates in high school at St. Mary’s Academy and neighbors in Guindulman sealed the love of Tio Arcy and Tia Melying. Marriage came early; Tio Arcy was 20 and Tia Melying was 17. The children started coming a few years after. The couple stayed in Guindulman the longest as they were the last to make the move back to Tagbilaran City after the war. Tio Arcy and Tia Melying had 3 daughters in succession (Jul, Fe, Yolly) before the Junior came (Mading). Four more daughters followed (Marjorie, Jean, Jacquiline and Marivic). Tio Arcy’s work in the Bureau of Customs brought him to Manila. As he was just starting to establish himself, he couldn’t bring the whole family with him altogether. The 2 youngest daughters, Jacquie and Marivic had to stay in Tagbilaran a few more years before they joined the rest of the family in Manila. The girls’ singing and dancing prowess brought them to places here and abroad.

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Gallarza Galinato (Arcy) June 1, 1926, Dec. 8, 2000 Emiliana Bernados Galinato (Melying) May 28, 1929 Bernados - Galinato Yolanda G. Calayag (Yolly) March 27, 1954 Marivic G. Robles (Tata) Aug. 8, 1963 Jacqueline G. Donado (Jacquie) July 10, 1961 Mary Jean B. Galinato March 12, 1958 Gallarza Galinato, Jr (Mading) April 30, 1956 Marjorie B. Galinato (Mamar) Nov. 21, 1959 Teofila G. Villanueva (Fe) April 13, 1950 Julieta G. Cajes July 30, 1947- Nov. 23, 1991

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Juliet G. Cajes July 30, 1947 Nov. 23, 1991 Alberto Cajes July 17, 1946 May 28,1993 Julbert Cajes (Jhuvy) March 31, 1969 Alberto Cajes, Jr. April 8, 1970 – Nov. 12, 2000 Jocelyn Cajes (Joy) Feb. 20, 1975 Mary Jean Cajes (Jen-jen) Oct. 15, 1976 Emy Chiong Cajes Dec. 28, 1966 Albert Cajes (Jhundy) Aug. 8, 1971 Julienne Nichole Cajes Oct. 4, 1994 Janine Marielle Cajes Oct. 25, 1995 Jeno Julbert Cajes Nov. 17, 2004 Jayvee Cajes Oct. 16, 1993 Albert John Cajes June 26, 1998 Vincent Philip Cajes May 12, 1998

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Teofila G. Villanueva (Fe) April 13, 1950 Mario Villanueva (Bobby) March 2, 1944 Ian Dhanreb G. Villanueva July 28, 1977 Ma. Kathleen V. Cabiling (Candy) Feb. 7, 1987 Ma. Katherine G. Villanueva (Apple) May 26, 1983 Ma. Kristine G. Villanueva (Cookie) March 30, 1982 – Jan. 23, 2002 Ma. Katrina G. Villanueva (Sugar) Sept. 26, 1990 Marie Antonette Wong Villanueva (Maan) March 18, 1981 Andrea Villanueva (Andeng) Jan. 8, 2002 James Villanueva Aug. 8, 2003 Joshua Villanueva Sept. 18, 2005 Bryan A. Cabiling May 11, 1985 Ma. Kristine Cabiling (Hani) April 15, 2005 Kristoffer Cabiling (Topic) Jan. 17, 2006 Christian Kevin Cabiling (CK) Dec. 27, 2007 Nanami V. Endo March 28, 2005

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Wally G. Calayag May 16, 1978 Jeslyn P.. Calayag Oct. 16, 1979 Arman Maniago March 30, 1976 Cheryll C. Maniago Sept. 3, 1979 Joseph Pioquinto G. Villapana (JP) March 1, 1985 Jensine Leigh P. Calayag Aug. 30, 2008 Zacarias Malik Maniago July 7, 2007 Yolanda G. Calayag March 27, 1954

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Gallarza B. Galinato, Jr. April 30, 1956 Irene P. Galinato April 5, 1957 Kaycee P. Galinato March 16, 1991

Slide 32: 

Ruel Jose C. Donado (Be) March 18, 1965 Reinald Joseph G. Donado (Rigo) Jan. 18, 1996 Rueben James G. Donado (Bjam) July 19, 1993 Jacqueline G. Donado July 10, 1961 Ruth Jane Naomi G. Donado (Mimi) March 25, 2002

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Roberto R. Robles (Jojo) June 24, 1964 Roma G. Robles May 16, 1987 Marivic G. Robles (Tata) Aug. 8, 1963 Rem G. Robles Feb. 23, 1995 Ezekiel Robles June 1, 2007

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Apolonio Aseniero Feb. 2, 1937 March 13, 1996 Antonio Galinato Aug. 10 Ellen Galinato Verulla Aprill 20, 1964 Myrna Aseniero Clarise Lyn G. Verulla Jan. 15, 1996 Romulo Verulla Feb. 23, 1964 Mark Anthony Galinato Mary Grace Galinato

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Celebrating Tia Melying 80th birthday, L-R: Joy Cajes, Yoly, Marjorie, Tessie Galianto, Jacquie, Irene Marjorie with husband, Lito Yoly, Wally and Cheryll, all based in California with JP who works in Manila Nang Jul’s eldest, Julbert and wife, Emy with daughters, medical professionals in the making – Nichole (pediatrician), Janine (orthodontist) and youngest, Jeno known as Janie Gee, Mary Jean used to appear on the Dean Martin Show in the 60’s Tatay Arcy and Nanay Melying Nang Jul, Jacquie, Mading, Mamar and Marivic with Tatay and Nanay

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Teofila Galinato Lamdagan While in college, Tia Fely worked  as a striver  or student  assistant to help defray the cost of her studies. She took up BS Education Major in Library Science at the Rafael Palma College. Her first assignment was at  the Bilar  National  Agricultural School  (BONAS, now Bohol Agricultural College )  in Bilar, Bohol. This was where she met Tio Venancio. He was at the basketball court on the first  day  she reported to work. In an innocent prelude to a lasting love, she asked  him  where  the  office  of  Mr. Marcelino Lumayag  (  the  principal  ) was. Tio Venancio did not only give her instructions but accompanied her, as well, making small talk along the way. Since Tio Venancio was also from Tagbilaran,  both went to the city together on  weekends. It came as no surprise that they developed a special friendship that led to marriage on December  18 , 1953 in Cebu City. Tia Fely and Tio Venancio made Bilar, birthplace of the Lamdagan kids with the exception of Amor, their home from 1953 to 1963.  In August, 1963, Tia Fely got a teaching job at the Bohol Provincial High School in Tagbilaran and so the family moved back to the city. Tio Venancio worked at the Provincial Treasurer’s Office and was mostly on out-of-town assignments until his retirement in 1983. Three daughters (Nenette, Libeth, Amor)and three sons (Alex, Joseph, Ray) made the Lamdagan household abuzz before they each started their careers, some on distant shores.

Slide 37: 

Elizabth L. Haroun Joseph Lamdagan Ray Alphonse Lamdagan Teofila G. Lamdagan Oct. 15, 1927 Venancio Lamdagan April 1, 1923 – Oct. 22, 1993 Dec. 8, 1954 Nov. 19, 1956 Elizabeth L. Haroun Alexander Lamdagan March 12, 1958 May 19, 1960 Jan. 23, 1962 July 10, 1967 Amor Socorro L. Bogwill Vicente Lamdagan Nov. 28, ‘65 -Nov. 28, ’65

Slide 38: 

Marianette Concepcion L. Villareal Dec. 8, 1954 Roy Villareal July 18, 1960 Rommel Roy L. Villareal April 24, 1986 Yves Christian L. Villareal Nov. 28, 1987 Rosalind Ann Grace L. Villareal Jan. 7, 1989

Slide 39: 

Elizabeth L. Haroun Nov. 19, 1956 Ali Haroun Ali Alewa June 22, 1958 Haroun Ali Haroun Ali Sept. 11, 1990 Zainab Ali Haroun Jan. 31, 1987 Rabha Ali Haroun Oct. 3, 1993 Omar Ali haroun Sept. 7, 1994 Mohammad Ali Haroun May 6, 1985-- Sept. 27, 1991

Slide 40: 

Celia Divinagracia Lamdagan Aug. 24, 1956 Alexander G. Lamdagan March 12, 1958 Thomas Alexander D. Lamdagan (Jedd) Oct. 29, 1987 – Aug. 12, 1997 Alexandra D. Lamdagan (Aia) Oct. 6, 1998 Ven Victor D. Lamdagan (Ven boy) Aug. 25, 1989 Joannah Carla Lamdagan Sept 30, 1981 - 1995

Slide 41: 

Joseph G. Lamdagan (Pepe) May 19, 1960 John Shamgar Maximus Lamdagan (John-john) July18, 2000 Joseph Paul Sebastian Lamdagan (Basty) March 4, 2002

Slide 42: 

Lucila Bay Lamdagan (Uchie) Oct. 31, 1969 Ray Alphonse G. Lamdagan (Apong) Jan. 23, 1962 Ray Venancio Jose Lamdagan (Ray Joven) June 15, 1997 Ray Vincent Alin Lamdagan (Ray Alvin) April 25, 1998)

Slide 43: 

Amor Socorro L. Bogwill July 10, 1967 Brad Allan Bogwill July 30, 1970 Hunter Bogwill April 3, 2003

Slide 44: 

Ali, Libeth, Zainab, Haroun, Rabha, Omar - 18 years in waiting for this family picture Taken during Tio Ven and Tia Fely’s’silver wedding anniversary in 1978 Wisconsin is home to Alex, Cecil, Venboy and Aia According to height and age : Nenette, Libeth, Alex, Pepe Itay and Inay’s young family lived m Bilar town befor moving to Tagbilaran in 1963. Cecil and Jedd

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Faustino A. Galinato, Jr. Tatang’s Junior, Tio Dodong joined the Air Force after completing his AB course at Rafael Palma College. In 1953, during the school’s acquaintance party, he met Tia Ceding, an Education graduate fresh out of Cebu Normal University in Cebu City, who was on her first teaching job. Previous to this encounter, they knew each other by face due to the proximity of the house to the campus. When Tia Ceding looked out from the window in her classroom, she would see Tio Dodong going about his ways in the house. According to Tia Ceding, it was not Tio Dodong’s dazzling footwork which he showed off when they danced the tango at the Acquaintance party that mesmerized her but the whiff of the ‘3 flowers’ pomade that Tio Dodong used that night to keep his hair in place. The dance led to a special friendship between teacher and student, the culmination of which was at the altar on August 6, 1956. The first year of marriage saw the young couple miles apart. Tio Dodong who was with the Philippine Air Force was assigned in Manila; Tia Ceding stayed in Cebu awaiting the birth of their first child. They soon made Cebu their home after Tio Dodong was assigned in Cebu.. Tia Ceding taught in the public school system until her retirement. Tio Dodong and Tia Ceding have been to the US countless times. At one point, they were greencard holders but readily gave it up for what Tio Dodong would say ‘love for the country of my birth, rocky roads and all.’ Fifty-two years after that first dance, 3 US-based daughters (Evelyn, Joy, Anelyn) and two Manila-based sons (Greg and Gary) after, the 3 flowers still waves its magic air.

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Abarquez - Galinato

Slide 47: 

Joshua Robert Quintos Oct. 30, 1990 Sherree Medalla July 23, 1979 Evelyn Quintos Feb. 5, 1957 Justin Robert Quintos May 25, 1988

Slide 48: 

Jocelyn G. Gonzal April 23, 1958 Sebastian Gonzal Jan. 28, 1951 Lyndse Jane Gonzal Oct. 10, 1985 Lyndon Jay Gonzal Aug. 5, 1991 Lynette Mae Gonzal May 10, 1988 – Feb. 21, 2007

Slide 49: 

Josephine Narciso Galinato Dec. 7, 1960 Greg A. Galinato October 2, 1959 Raymond N. Galinato July 28, 1993 Greg N. Galinato, Jr. (RR) Feb. 10, 1987 Joseph N. Galinato (Jopet) Feb. 10, 1987 Gealyn Galinato May 15, 1986 Allyssa Nechole Galinato Sept. 11, 2007 Kate Nechole Galinato July 26, 2006 Erwin N. Galinato March 7, 1986

Slide 50: 

Jennylyn V. Galinato Jan. 26, 1987 James Dale V. Galinato Sept. 28, 1989 Jackylyn V. Galinato Aug. 26, 1993 Teresa Villareal Galinato Oct. 31, 1964 Gary A. Galinato Jan. 18, 1962

Slide 51: 

Kathleen Kyle Laurente July 17, 1988 Kevin Kyle Laurente May 24, 1991 Anelyn G. Galinato Aug. 20, 1967 Paul Laurente Aug. 19, 1966

Slide 52: 

Lyndon, Lingling, Lyndse, Joy and Bhunny Gonzal Jopet, Erwin, JR, Greg, Josephine and Raymond Tessie, James Dale, Gary, IC and Jennylyn Justin, Sherree, Evelyn and Joshua Kevin, Kathleen, Anelyn and Paul Laurente Celebrating the miracle of 50 years.. Tio Dong and Tia Ceding July 2006

Slide 53: 

Fulgencia Galinato Torralba Mama Enciang was the first in the family to recite the Nightingale Pledge. After graduation from the Southwestern University School of Nursing in 1954, she worked in a local hospital before her pursuit of the American Dream brought her to the US. She worked at the Mercy Hospital in Chicago. A graduate of Philippine Military Academy Class of ‘55, Papa Sauro came to know Mama Enciang early on, their families being townmates in Guindulman . Considered as the crème de la crème of students, a PMA-yer exudes an aura of gentility. Papa must have had that striking demeanor as shortly after Mama’s arrival from the US, Papa, like a knight in shining armor, swept Mama off her feet. Wedding bells for the knight and the nightingale rang on December 27, 1961. While Papa established himself with his business endeavors, Mama gave her full attention to details when it came to family. Papa’s favorite story was how he was so anxious to have a son that everytime Mama was due to give birth, he would bet big on his favorite fighting cock, being a cockfighting aficionado. He lost big five times as one girl followed another several times over. Laly, Rosanna, Rocelyn, Gina and Nemie were collectively known as girls-girls-girls by Papa Sauro, a moniker we carry to this day. A repeat of the girls-girls-girls came courtesy of the grandchildren – Giaa, Liaa, Gold, Riaa and Renee.

Slide 54: 

Fulgencia G. Torralba May 21, 1932 – June 27, 2002 Rosauro F. Torralba June 4, 1932 – Dec. 22, 1997 Rosalie Ann T. Flores Sept. 11, 1962 Nemie Gloria T. Albay Aug. 7, 1969 Erwina Gina T. Torralba March 4, 1968 Rocelyn T. Zosa Aug. 17, 1965 Rosanna G. Torralba Dec. 1, 1963 Galinato - Torralba

Slide 55: 

Rosalie Ann T. Flores (Laly) Sept. 7, 1962 Renato Flores May 22, 1959 Renee Therese T. Flores Nov. 18, 2004

Slide 56: 

Roceyln T. Zosa (Tata) Aug. 17, 1965 Gold T. Zosa Feb. 18, 2000 Sidney Gerard U. Zosa May 19, 1968

Slide 57: 

Nemie Gloria T. Albay Aug. 7, 1969 Edgardo A. Albay (Egay) July 11, 1967 Gabrielle Anjela T. Albay (Giaa) Nov. 14, 1995 Justine Klaryze T. Albay (Riaa) Jan. 8, 2003 Gianella Cianne T. Albay (Liaa) July 23, 1999

Slide 58: 

girls + girls = girls, girls, girls Popsie and Mamam Tio Sauro, Tia Enciang and girls-girls, taken during their silver wedding anniversary Didn’t want to be called Lola either so she was Mamam to Giaa, Liaa and Gold Egay, Sidney & baby Giaa join the family

Slide 59: 

Quiterio A. Galinato The resident comic of the family, Tio Tering never ran out of side-splitting entertainment during family gatherings. Always ready with jokes for all occasions, laughter and Tio Tering were synonymous. Laughter was the way Tio Tering made himself known to a young lady who caught his eye while in college. Rafael Palma College campus was the meeting ground of soon-to-be addition to the clan, Juanita Dagdayan and Tio Tering. Tia Janet was in the Education Department of the school while he was in the Commerce Department. Laughing his way to Tia Janet’s heart, he got her to bring their friendship up to something more committed. The comic turned out to be a romantic at heart, choosing the day of hearts, February 14, 1960 as their wedding day. The young couple started out working in different towns, Tio Tering in Cortes for SIP and Tia Janet in Antiquera Elementary School. They soon found work in the city, he at the City Hall Assessor’s office and Tia Janet in a public school in the city. There were no quiet moments in this Galinato household with five boys (Rio, Ayet, Apoy, Ringgo and Nero) in succession. Tio Tering got his wish for a girl when Maricor came. The answer to the question of who among the eleven grandchildren did Tio Tering turn over his comic gene to remains hanging,

Slide 60: 

Rio Jake D. Galinato Aug. 20, 1960 Quiterio D. Galinato, Jr (Ayet) Nov. 14, 1961 Jeffrey D. Galinato (Apoy) March 27, 1963 Jose Ringgo D. Galinato (Anggot) Jan. 23, 1968 Nero D. Galinato Feb. 14, 1969 Feb. 18, 2008 Ma. Socorro G. Besa April 8, 1971 Dagdayan - Galinato Juanita Dagdayan Galinato Oct. 31, 1938 Quiterio Galinato March 20, 1935 – April 12, 1999

Slide 61: 

Rio Jake D. Galinato Aug. 20, 1960 Kent Francis Galinato Feb. 21, 1987 Karl William Galinato Sept. 16, 1989 Kiara Vana Galinato April 12, 2009 Kyle Sanri Galinato May 10, 1998 Kerr Zian Galinato May 10, 1998

Slide 62: 

Jose Ringgo D. Galinato (Anggot) Jan. 23, 1968 Elenita Medura Galinato April 12, 1969 Joel Jan M. Galinato Jan. 27, 1998 Jahn Rey M. Galinato March 17, 1999 Nero D. Galinato Feb. 14, 1969 – Feb. 18, 2008 Renise Rubillos Nov. 6, 1967 Oren Kristian R. Galinato Dec. 10, 1996 Inna Mae R. Galinato June 4, 1994 Ivan Keith R. Galinato July 23, 1998

Slide 63: 

Sui Jae G. besa (Suji) Sept. 3, 2005 Rui Jorge G. Besa (Aji) July 26, 2002 Jorge Besa Oct. 20, 1970 Ma. Socorro G. Besa April 8, 1971 Lui Jhullano G. Besa (LJ) May 7, 1997

Slide 64: 

Tio Tering, Tergal as he was fondly called saw his American Dream come true in 1991 no stage needed for these dancing feet Doting lolo and lola Once upon a time, there was only 1 grand kid. L-R Apoy, Ayet, Rio, Anggot and Nero Ykoy, Tia Janet, baby Kent, Tio Tering and Susan then half a dozen more came: L-R Rio, Jorge, Ayet, Apoy, Nero, Anggot Susan, Ykoy, Tia Janet, Tio Tering, Renise, Ellen A car as birthday gift for the birthday boy from Tia Bebang and Tia Flor !!!

Slide 65: 

Genoveva Galinato - Sheng In 1956, Tia Bebang left Bohol to go to Silliman to study Nursing. Tio Toto, being the captain of the basketball varsity team, became an acquaintance of Tia Bebang who was fast becoming popular as a campus beauty. At a surprise birthday party for Tio Toto given by the Dean of Men, they were finally formally introduced. On the subsequent weekend, Tia Bebang boarded the same boat that Tio Toto took from Cebu to Dumaguete at the port in Tagbilaran. The 4- hour boat trip afforded them the opportunity to fully get to know each other. Soon after, they started dating. After graduation, Tia Bebang moved to Houston, Texas for further training in surgical nursing while Tio Toto started a trucking business in Mindanao. On March 14, 1965, Tio Toto received the best birthday gift for his 29th birthday as he took Tia Bebang’s hand in marriage in wedding rites held in Tagiblaran. The couple migrated to Chicago, Illinois in March 1968 where Tia Bebang pursued her career in surgical nursing at Children Memorial Hospital in Chicago and at the Veteran Hospital. She retired after almost 30 years of service. Tio Toto started his career as a tax accountant in the Trust Department of a major bank and later moved up the ladder to become division manager with a title of VP. Tio Toto retired on October 30,1996. Tio Toto and Tia Bebang are blessed with two sons, Carl and Charles, daughter Gena, daughter- in- law Sheila; four grandchildren: Lauren, Lyssa, Carl Jr (CJ) and Linnae.

Slide 66: 

Carl Sheng March 8, 1969 Charles Sheng Jan. 25, 1973 Genoveva G. Sheng Oct. 30, 1937 Carlos Sheng March 14, 1936 Galinato - Sheng Gena Sheng March 10, 1971

Slide 67: 

Sheila Rosales Sheng Sept. 26, 1971 Carl Sheng March 8, 1969 Lauren Sheng Dec. 4, 1994 Lyssa Sheng Dec. 7, 1996 Linnae Sheng May 6, 2003 Carl Sheng, Jr. Aug. 24, 1998

Slide 68: 

Carl and his all-star cheerleading team There’s nothing better than being Grandpa and Grandma family pictures : before and after And the king of the hardcourt and the campus queen lived happily ever after Charles missed this family pictorial

Slide 69: 

Francisco A. Galinato Once again, basketball takes on a central role in a budding love affair. In his college years, Tio Frank was the star player of Rafael Palma College. Their games took the team to many towns across the province, one of which was the town of Ubay. From this town, they would get on a pumpboat to go to the island of Aguining, hometown of Tia Celine, for their inter-island games. In no time, she became Tio Frank’s #1 fan. In December, 1966, star player and # fan became one in marriage. When the kids started to arrive, they came in succession in perfect form to complete a basketball team. Karim, the eldest is now based in Manila where he has his own printing business. Lawi is a nurse by profession; Eric just got back from an overseas job in Taiwan. Abi, following his Tatay Frank’s footsteps, plays for a local commercial basketball team. Mat, the youngest is a sales agent for a retail distribution company. In search of the team’s muse, Tio Frank and Tia Celine had Princess 10 years after Mat was born. They now have 13 grandchildren.

Slide 70: 

Marcelino B. Galinato (Karim) Aug. 27, 1968 Faustino B. Galinato, 111 (Lawi) April 28, 1971 Eric B. Galinato Nov. 12, 1974 Abimelech B. Galinato (Abi) May 10, 1976 Mathusalam B. Galinato (Mat) Aug. 4, 1981 Frances Genevieve B. Galinato (Princess) May 13, 1991 Marcelina Balansag Galinato (Celine) July 14, 1947 Francisco A, Galinato Dec. 9, 1939 Balansag - Galinato

Slide 71: 

Marcelino B. Galinato (Karim) Aug. 27, 1968 Elizabeth Requina Galinato June 17, 1966 Yvanna Jazmienka R. Galinato (Meeka) July 11, 2001 Khriszna Yndranei R. Galinato (Yndra) July 14, 1999 Yleisza Jahara R. Galinato (Jaja) June 6, 1996

Slide 72: 

Faustino B. Galinato 111 (Lawi) April 28, 1971 Lovely Seanelle R. Galinato Jan. 30, 1993 Carlo Hartford R. Galinato Nov. 2, 1997 Laudine Brooklyn R. Galinato July 25, 1995

Slide 73: 

Eric B. Galinato Nov. 12, 1974 Margie Canizares Galinato Oct. 12, 1974 RC Anthony Galinato June 13, 1994 Erich Marnil Galinato (Inggo) Oct. 17, 2002 Francis Earl Galinato (Kiko) Dec. 30, 1995 Cyrus Galinato Jan. 25, 2001

Slide 74: 

Aimee Abines Galinato Sept. 18, 1976 Abimelech B. Galinato May 10, 1976 Paul Abimelech A. Galinato June 11, 1997 John Martin A. Galinato Nov. 11, 1998 Angel Menadel A. Galinato April 1, 2002

Slide 75: 

Taken at the airport after sending off Lola Pila on her 1st trip to the US Karim and his girls,, Elizabeh, Jaja, Yndra, Meeka Tatay Frank and Mama Celine Atop a chocolate hill, L-R Paul, Brooklyn, Seanelle, Princess, Tia Celine, Tio Frank,, Carlo, Aimee, John, Abi, Angel Red-letter day for Abi, Aimee, Paul, John and Angel Just perfect for a basketball team : Lawi, Karim. Eric, Tio Frank, Mat, Tia Celine, Abi

Slide 76: 

Flor de Villa Galinato Antigua The baby of the family, Tia Flor chose to leave Tagbilaran to pursue a college degree in Cebu City. A graduate of Cebu Velez College Nursing Class of 1964, Tia Flor is the third Galinato to honor the nightingale pledge following in the footsteps of Tia Enciang and Tia Bebang. After graduation, Tia Flor worked as on OB nurse at Cebu Community Hospital before migrating to the US in 1967. On her first trip to the US, she first set foot in Chicago and up to this day, Chicago is home to her and Tio Landing. They were first introduced at a baptismal party for the baby of Tia Flor’s best friend in 1970. That chance meeting initiated a 3-year courtship that led to marriage on June 30, 1973 in Chicago. Originally from Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu, Tio Landing was a lawyer by profession. He worked for a mortgage company until his retirement in 2008. Tia Flor is still on active duty as a nurse. Tio Landing and Tia Flor now relish their new roles as grandparents to toddlers Leela and Meera, daughters of son, Mac (Dodong) and Paru Shah, savoring every occasion they can be together. Daughter, Lora got married to Frank Banzali in August, 2008, a fitting occasion to gather a number of US-based relatives.

Slide 77: 

Flor de Villa G. Antigua June 4, 1943 MacArthur Antigua April 10, 1942 Lora Banzali Dec. 11, 1976 Macarthur Antigua Feb. 12, 1975

Slide 78: 

Leela Kaitlin Antigua Oct. 5, 2005 Meera Madeline Antigua Dec. 2, 2007 Macarthur Antigua Feb. 12, 1975 Paru Shah Antigua Sept. 12, 1972

Slide 79: 

Franklin and Lora Banzali with Tio Landing and Tia Flor Mother of the bride Enjoying new role as grandma And they danced the night away A growing family

Slide 80: 

Nanay Panching’s garden was a favorite place to pose for pictures From this balcony in the main house, one can get a full view of Nanay’s perfectly-maintained garden ….. and most requested field trip destination of Home Economics classes playgrounds of our childhood Tia Enciang’s house Fulton, Lahug Nanay’s house Beside St. Jude, CPG Libeth G. Lamdagan Haroun at 12:39pm March 16 who could ever forget this house. miss you, TIA ENCIANG Amor Galinato Lamdagan at 1:34am March 17 When i saw this pic i cried i miss Tia Enciang and i miss this house.. picture-taking was never complete without a lawn shot Tio Sauro’s jeep will always be a point of recall for all cousins …….we would all pile in like sardines in a can.

Slide 81: 

2005 Christmas Reunion, Chicago Reunions make great memories !!! Golden Wedding Celebration of Tio Dodong and Tia Ceding, July, 2006, Cebu City L-R: Mac, Gena, Lora, Douglas, Paru w/ baby Leela, Alex, Tio Landing, Tia Bebang, Gina, Laly with Renee, Rey Seated: Lauren, Venboy, Carl, CJ, Sheila, Lalai, Lyssa, Linnae, Charles. Tia Flor Front: Aia, Dinno, Tio Toto, Hunter, Amor L-R : Nemie, Tia Janet, Tata Rocelyn, Rosanna, Sidney, Tia Bebang, Tio Toto, Tia Ceding, Tio Dodong, Nong ZeeZee, Tio Frank, Egay,Tia Celine, Eric, Susan, Karim, Kent, Abi, Gary, Lawi, Greg Kids: Riaa, Gold, Fhatima, Liaa, Giaa, Froiland

Slide 82: 

Tia Fely’s 80th birthday party October 15, 2007, Tagbilaran City Tio Frank, Tia Celine, Princess, Lawi, Kent, Jorge, Nenette, Maricor, Tia Janet, Tia Ceding, Tio Dodong, Tia Fely, Ray Alvin,Tio Toto, Ray Joven,Tia Bebang Lora’s wedding day, August 2, 2008 L-R Charles, Mac, Evelyn, Tio Landing, Tia Flor, Bhunny, Tia Bebang, Irene, Mading, Joy, Tio Dodong, Tia Ceding, Alex, Cecil, Yolly, Amor, Tio Toto, Laly, Renee, Carl, Gena, Becky Lora’s wedding rehearsal dinner, August, 2008, Los Angeles L-R: Frank, Charles, Gena, Lora, Irene, Alex, Cecil, Amor, Tio Dodong, Mading, Tia Bebang, Tio Toto, Seated: Mac, Tia Flor, Tia Ceding, Joy, Bhunny, Carl Tia Ceding’s 80th birthday celebration July 21, 2007, Cebu City

Slide 83: 

L-R Laly, Susan, ZeeZee, Jorge, Tia Fely, Kent, Tia Janet, Tata, Sidney, Tio Frank, Anna, Tia Celine, Maricor, Nemie Tio Toto and Tia Bebang’s visit, November, 2007 L-R Liaa, Nemie, Giaa, Anna, Gold, Tata, Tio Frank, Paul, Tia Ceding, Angel, Tia Bebang, Tio Toto, John, Lawi, Tio Dodong, Abi, Aimee Mac’s Wedding, August 2002, Planetarium in Chicago L-R Lora, Tia Flor, Laly, Joy. Amor, Tia Bebang, Evelyn, Gena, Becky, Sheila, Lauren, Lyssa, CJ, Charles, Tia Fely Tia Melying’s 80th birthday, May 29, 2009, Las Pinas City Laly’s homecoming April 2007, Bohol Tropics L-R: Greg, Josephine with Kate Nechole, Joy, Tessie, Jacquie, James Dale, Jennylyn, Gary, Jackylyn, Marivic, Yoly, Irene, Marjorie Front : JR. Raymond, Jundy, JP

Slide 84: 

Libeth’s first homecoming with Ali, August 1986, Tagbilaran City Tio Sauro and Tia Enciang’s post-wedding get-together, December 27, 1961, Tagbilaran City 1969 Christmas Party, Cebu City Douglas and Lalai’s wedding reception February 1986, Tagbilaran City Airport send-off for Tia Bebang and Tia Flor, July 1979 Cebu City Tio Toto and Tia Bebang’s wedding day pictorial, March 14,1965, Tagbilaran City Tatang’s 75th birthday, July, 29, 1975, Tagbilaran City

Slide 85: 

Love for basketball runs in the family: Cia Lim Lumber basketball team (photo taken Feb, 1956) No. 3 – Tio Dodong, No. 4 – Tio Frank, No. 5 – Tatay Poloy, No. 11 – Tio Tering, little boy with ball – ZeeZee Tio Tering, Tio Sauro Tatay Poloy and Tatang Bhunny, Tio Sauro, Tio Tering, Tatay Poloy, ZeeZee, Tio Frank For the boys Tio Tering, Tatang, Tio Frank, Tio Sauro

Slide 86: 

In Memoriam Mohammad Ali Haroun May 6, 1985 Sept. 27, 1991 Thomas Alexander D. Lamdagan (Jedd) Oct. 29, 1987 Aug. 12, 1997 Like most young boys his age, Jedd was a bundle of energy and enthusiasm at the time when an outbreak of dengue reached a critical level. Like most viral diseases, there was no knowing when the virus-carrying mosquito would attack. Jedd fell victim to the deadly disease and Alexander and Cecil lost a beloved son. A mother’s grief over the sudden loss of her eldest child by accidental drowning is made even more tragic when culture did not allow her to see her son one last time before his burial. Such was Libeth’s anguish when Mohammad drowned while swimming with friends. He was buried without Libeth seeing him.

Slide 87: 

In Memoriam Alberto Cajes, Jr. ‘Junjun’ April 8, 1970 Nov. 12, 2000 Lynette Mae G. Gonzal ‘Lingling May 10, 1988 Feb. 21, 2007 Junjun was an overseas worker assigned to a ship plying the international seas. Knowing that his Tatay Arcy was fighting a losing battle with lung cancer, he told his Tatay Arcy to wait for him as he was scheduled to be back home soon for a vacation. In uncertain turn of events, Jun- jun came home in a box; his body was found in the open seas just off the boat. One would think that taking medication prescribed by a doctor to counter an infection would be life-saving. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Lingling, Joy and Bhunny’s second child. An adverse reaction to the prescription heartlessly cut short the promise of a full life.

Slide 88: 

In Memoriam Juliet G. Cajes July 30, 1947 Nov. 23, 1991 Ma. Kristine G. Villanueva March 30, 1982 Jan. 23, 2002 Joannah Carla Lamdagan Sept. 30, 1981 1995 Nero D. Galinato Feb. 14, 1969 Feb. 18, 2008 Edgar, Tio Lory’s eldest, died in a swimming accident off the waters of Batangas while on a picnic celebrating his birthday. Edgar O. Galinato June 24, 1948 June 24, 1983 Nang Jul, Tio Arcy’s eldest and the eldest of the 3rd generation cousins lost her battle with breast cancer a few months after her 44th birthday. Joannah, Tia Fely’s 1st grandkid by eldest son, Alexander amazed family by living past the 10 years that doctors said her life would be after being diagnosed with a congenital disorder Nang Fe’s 4th child, Cookie’s young life was unexpectedly taken away after complications from pneumonia took a turn for the worse Tata Nero , Tio Tering’s 4th son spent all of his young carefree life in Tagbilaran before moving to Leyte to start his family. He found contentment in taking care of his 3 children. He saw them grow to school age befpre moving back to Bohol alone. On a beach outing with friends 4 days after his 39th birthday, Nero went out to swim and never came back. His body was found by fishermen in the early hours of the morning after.

Slide 89: 

Victoria Memorial Park ‘Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.’

Slide 90: 

JANUARY Rosalind Ann Grace L. Villareal Justine Klaryze T. Albay Franckou Zeus Q. Lim Andrea Villanueva 13 Marie Joyce Ann Arjun Galinato Kristoffer Cabiling Gary A. Galinato Reinald Joseph G. Donad Ray Alphonse G. Lamdagan Jose Ringgo D. Galinato Charles Sheng Cyrus C. Galinato Jennylyn V. Galinato Joel Jan M. Galinato Sebastian Gonzal Lovely Seanelle R. Galinato Zainab Ali Haroun FEBRUARY 5 Evelyn G. Quintos 6 Mark Ronald Sisante 7 Ma. Kathleen V. Cabiling 10 Greg N. Galinato Joseph N. Galinato 12 MacArthur Antigua 14 Nero D. Galinato (+) 18 Gold T. Zosa 20 Jocelyn G. Cajes 21 Kent Francis D. Galinato 23 Rem G. Robles MARCH Joseph Pioquinto G. Villapana Mario G. Villanueva Erwina Gina G. Torralba Edwin Galinato Teofila Ampong-Galinato (+) Cristhel Cisante Erwin N. Galinato Carl Sheng Gena Sheng Mary Jean B. Galinato Alexander G. Lamdagan Carlos Sheng Wally G. Calayag Kaycee P. Galinato Jahn Rey M. Galinato Marie Antonette W. Villanueva Ruel Jose C. Donado 20 D. G Quiterio A. Galinato (+) 25 Ruth Jane Naomi G. Donado 27 Yolanda G. Calayag Jeffrey D. Galinato 28 Faustino B. Galinato III Nanami V. Endo 30 Ma. Kristine G. Villanueva (+) Aman Maniago 31 Julbert Cajes Birthday Calendar

Slide 91: 

APRIL 1 Venanacio S. Lamdagan (+) Angel Minade A. Galinato Lorega O. Galinato, Jr. Ronald Sisante Hunter Bogwill Esperanza G. Lim (+) Maureen Louise S. Galinato Irene P. Galinato Ma. Socorro G. Besa Alberto G. Cajes, Jr. (+) 10 MacArthur Antigua 12 Elenita Medura Galinato Kiara Vania Galinato 13 Ethel G. Sisante Teofila G. Villanueva 15 Ma. Kristine Cabiling 23 Jocelyn G. Gonzal 24 Rommel Roy I. Villareal 25 Ray Vincent Alvin Lamdagan 29 Britanny G. Barcala 30 Gallarza B. Galinato, Jr. MAY Carl Jhayan G. Canillo Mohammad Ali Haroun (+) Linnae Sheng Lui Jullano G. Besa 10 Abimelech B. Galinato Lynette Mae G. Gonzal (+) Kyle Sanri D. Galinato Kerr Zian D. Galinato 11 Douglas Hontanosas Bryan A. Cabiling 12 Vincent Philip Cajes 13 Frances Genevieve B. Galinato 15 Gealyn Galinato 16 Roma G. Robles 19 Joseph G. Lamdagan Sidney Gerard U. Zosa 21 Fulgencia G. Torralba (+) 23 Renato Flores 24 Kevin Kyle G. Laurente 25 Justin Robert G. Quintos 26 Ma. Katherine G. Villanueva 28 Emilia B. Galinato JUNE Lorega A. Galinato(+) Gallarza A. Galinato (+) Ezekiel Robles Flor de Villa G. Antigua Rosauro F. Torralba (+) Inna Mae R. Galinato Yleisza Jahara R. Galinato 10 Lito Cruz 11 Paul Abimelech A. Galinato 12 Jannet G. Cruz 13 RC Anthony Galinato 15 Ray Venancio Jose Lamdagan 16 Franklin Banzali 17 Elizabeth R. Galinato 22 Ali Haroun Ali Alewa 24 Edgar O. Galinato (+) Roberto R. Robles 25 Kris Paolo G. Canillo 26 Albert John Cajes 28 Froilan Zeus Q. Lim Birthday Calendar

Slide 92: 

JULY 4 Pinky Marie S. Galinato Zacarias malik Maniago Jacqueline G. Donado Amor Socorro G. Lamdaga Edgardo A. Albay Yvannah Jazmenka R. Galinato Marcelina B. Galinato Khriszna Yndraneo R. Galinato Alberto Cajes (+) Kathleen Kyle G. Laurente Roy Villareal Rueben James Donado Praxedes A. Galinato 23 Sherree G. Medalla Gianella Cianne T. Albay Ivan Keith R. Galinato 25 Laudine Brooklyn Galinato 26 Rui Jorge G. Besa 28 Ian DhanrebmG. Villanueva Raymond N. Galinato 29 Faustino P. Galinato 30 Juliet G. Cajes (+) Brad Allan Bogwill AUGUST 4 Mathusalam B. Galinato Lyndon Jay G. Gonzal 7 Nemie Gloria T. Albay Marivic G. Robles Albert G. Cajes James Villanueva Marilou S. Galinato 17 Rocelyn T. Zosa Lani Galinato 19 Paul Laurente 20 Anelyn G. Laurente Rio Jake D. Galinato Cecille D. Lamdagan Mark Renz Sisante CJ Sheng Ven Victor D. Lamdagan Jackylyn V. Galinato Marcelino B. Galinato Lolita E. Galinato 30 Jensine Leigh P. Calayag SEPTEMBER Susan Q. Lim Cheryll C. Maniago Sui Jae G. Besa Rosalie Ann T. Flores Omar Ali Haroun 11 Haroun Ali Haroun Ali Allyssa Nechole Galinato Alan O. Galinato Paru Shah Antigua Karl William D. Galinato Aimee A. Galinato Joshua Villanueva 20 Mia G. Canillo 24 Dinno Giovanni L. Hontanosas Sheila R. Sheng Ma. Katrina G. Villanueva James Dale V. Galinato 30 Joannah   Carla Lamdagan (+) Birthday Calendar

Slide 93: 

OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2 Greg A. Galinato 3 Rabha Ali Haroun Farah Dee L. Hontanosas Julienne Nichole Cajes Fro ilan Lim (+) Leela Kaitlin Antigua Alexandra D. Lamdagan Lyndse Jane G. Gonzal Margie Canizares Galinato Teofila A. Galinato Mary Jean G. Cajes 16 Jeslyn P. Calayag Jayvee Cajes Erich Marnil C. Galinato Zeu Kalinao G. Lim 20 Jorge Besa Ronan O. Galinato Mica G. Barcala Janine Marielle Cajes Keannu G. Cruz Rocky Galinato 29 Thomas Alexander D. Lamdagan (+) 30 Genoveva G. Sheng Joshua Robert G. Quintos Juanita Dagdayan Galinato Lucila Bay Lamdagan Teresa Villareal Galinato Birthday Calendar

Slide 95: 


Slide 96: 

Family ………link to our past

Slide 97: 

Family ………link to our past ….. bridge to our future

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