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THE WRITING PROCESS Dr. Nandita Choudhury

Objectives : 

Objectives Describe the writing process Explain the five planning steps Describe the basic organizational plans Composing the message Summary

The Process of Writing : 

The Process of Writing There are three steps in the process of writing Planning ( pre-writing ) Drafting ( writing ) Revising ( re-writing )

Planning : 

Planning 1. Identify your purpose 2. Analyze your audience 3. Collect your data 4. Organize your message 5. Determine how the content will be provided

Data Collection : 

Data Collection Answering the reporter’s questions Mind mapping Brainstorming or Listing Outlining Creating organizational charts Flowcharts Researching

Options for providing content : 

Options for providing content E-mail messages Letters Memos Reports Brochures Newsletters Web-sites Microsoft power-point

Drafting : 

Drafting Organization Spatial organization Chronology Importance Comparison/Contrast Problem/Solution 2) Formatting

Revising : 

Revising Add Delete Simplify Move Reformat Enhance Correct/Proofread/Edit

Proofreading : 

Proofreading Let someone else read it Use the gestation approach Read one line at a time Read long words syllable by syllable Check figures, acronyms and abbreviations Read it out loud Try scattershot proofing Use technology and of course, a dictionary.

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