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COMPTIA CAS-003 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner CASP

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Question No:1 A deployment manager is working with a software development group to assess the security of a new version of the organization’s internally developed ERP tool. The organization prefers to not perform assessment activities following deployment instead focusing on assessing security throughout the life cycle. Which of the following methods would BEST assess the security of the product A. Static code analysis in the IDE environment B. Penetration testing of the UAT environment C. Vulnerability scanning of the production environment D. Penetration testing of the production environment E. Peer review prior to unit testing Answer: C CAS-003 Questions Answers

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Question No:2 A Chief Information Security Officer CISO is reviewing the results of a gap analysis with an outside cybersecurity consultant. The gap analysis reviewed all procedural and technical controls and found the following: High-impact controls implemented: 6 out of 10 Medium-impact controls implemented: 409 out of 472 Low-impact controls implemented: 97 out of 1000 The report includes a cost-benefit analysis for each control gap. The analysis yielded the following information: Average high-impact control implementation cost: 15000 Probable ALE for each high-impact control gap: 95000 Average medium-impact control implementation cost: 6250 Probable ALE for each medium-impact control gap: 11000 Due to the technical construction and configuration of the corporate enterprise slightly more than 50 of the medium-impact controls will take two years to fully implement. Which of the following conclusions could the CISO draw from the analysis A. Too much emphasis has been placed on eliminating low-risk vulnerabilities in the past B. The enterprise security team has focused exclusively on mitigating high-level risks C. Because of the significant ALE for each high-risk vulnerability efforts should be focused on those controls D. The cybersecurity team has balanced residual risk for both high and medium controls Answer: C CAS-003 Questions Answers

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Question No:3 The technology steering committee is struggling with increased requirements stemming from an increase in telecommuting. The organization has not addressed telecommuting in the past. The implementation of a new SSL-VPN and a VOIP phone solution enables personnel to work from remote locations with corporate assets. Which of the following steps must the committee take FIRST to outline senior management’s directives A. Develop an information classification scheme that will properly secure data on corporate systems. B. Implement database views and constrained interfaces so remote users will be unable to access PII from personal equipment. C. Publish a policy that addresses the security requirements for working remotely with company equipment. D. Work with mid-level managers to identify and document the proper procedures for telecommuting. Answer: C CAS-003 Questions Answers

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Question No:4 A government agency considers confidentiality to be of utmost importance and availability issues to be of least importance. Knowing this which of the following correctly orders various vulnerabilities in the order of MOST important to LEAST important A. Insecure direct object references CSRF Smurf B. Privilege escalation Application DoS Buffer overflow C. SQL injection Resource exhaustion Privilege escalation D. CSRF Fault injection Memory leaks Answer: A CAS-003 Questions Answers

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Question No:5 A company provides on-demand cloud computing resources for a sensitive project. The company implements a fully virtualized datacenter and terminal server access with twofactor authentication for customer access to the administrative website. The security administrator at the company has uncovered a breach in data confidentiality. Sensitive data from customer A was found on a hidden directory within the VM of company B. Company B is not in the same industry as company A and the two are not competitors. Which of the following has MOST likely occurred A. Both VMs were left unsecured and an attacker was able to exploit network vulnerabilities to access each and move the data. B. A stolen two factor token was used to move data from one virtual guest to another host on the same network segment. C. A hypervisor server was left un-patched and an attacker was able to use a resource exhaustion attack to gain unauthorized access. D. An employee with administrative access to the virtual guests was able to dump the guest memory onto a mapped disk. Answer: A CAS-003 Questions Answers

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COMPTIA CAS-003 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner CASP

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