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Tutoring Centre Calgary Tutoring Centre Calgary Thursday February 20 2020 Posted by Tutoring Centre Calgary at 2:04 AM Finishing Math Homework - Help When You Need It Many students may struggle with finishing math homework but it is critical to achieving good grades and ensuring your knowledge is growing as you learn the building blocks of complex mathematical concepts. Completing math homework is an important part of your school career so if you are having difficulties getting it done it might be time to get some additional support. Asking for help when you need it can be a bit daunting but the ways a tutor can help go far beyond just comprehension and grades making tutoring an excellent option for you overall. Sometimes math homework can be challenging because of a lack of understanding. When this happens a tutor is a great resource to help find your learning style and provide new strategies to help you understand. Classroom teaching often can’t accomplish this because of a lack of one on one time. Teachers are skilled at matching learning styles providing multiple strategies and connecting personally with their students. Unfortunately they rarely have the time in a class to work with each student let alone discover who is having a hard time with a concept and finding solutions. A tutor is especially effective in these areas as they are there to focus on you solely and can offer the attention that is likely not possible with your classroom teacher. Many times though students will find they have a hard time getting math homework done for a variety of reasons other than a lack of math skills and comprehension. Distractions procrastination and low confidence are often harder to overcome than knowledge gaps as it takes introspection and accountability to move past them. This is often the unique unexpected value of working with a tutor. They can help you root out and work past negative work habits build confidence and hold you accountable to your learning goals. When working with a tutor they will provide a distraction free work space. Just setting aside the time with a tutor provides a space that you have committed to being accountable to. Having a tutor with you to complete homework sets up an unwritten contract to give your full attention to the task at hand rather than having cellphones tv or others distract you. It’s difficult to procrastinate or avoid your homework when you have an appointment time planned with another person to work on it. Many students also find a tutor to feel more like a peer - someone who is there for you and adapts to your needs making it easier to talk to them about problem areas and to find solutions that work best for you. Building good work habits is also a great way to improve your confidence before you even begin to see results in your homework. Feeling heard understood and having learning adapted to your unique way of absorbing concepts and materials is also a great confidence booster. As you get into the right frame of mind you’ll find that the work becomes easier to tackle and you’ll likely begin to see small successes in your school work as well. As these successes grow and you start to see the results of the efforts confidence gets higher and often the work becomes easier and easier to complete. After the initial phase of building skills routines and confidence around finishing math homework there is value in continuing to work with the tutor consistently to ensure the important homework is regularly completed and your knowledge is cemented. By working with a tutor regularly you will have someone there for any issues that arise cutting down the time it takes to get back on track. It’s an excellent ongoing strategy to keep you on pace reinforce your learning and to provide support when you need it. Overall most students find that a tutor offers a ton of additional support with their math homework. Having someone work with you one on one that really gets to know you can get you back on track with your learning and your habits. Working with a tutor over a long period of time sustains a relationship that makes it easy to get the help you need when you need it so you have a solid ongoing support structure to ensure success. Math classes can be challenging especially as you progress through higher grades so the more support you have the better. Mathnasium tutors provide the learning support accountability and ongoing individualized attention to get you where you want to go. Check us out today to find out more Tutoring Centre Calgary View my complete profile About Me ▼ ▼ 2020 1 ▼ ▼ February 1 Finishing Math Homework - Help When You Need It ► ► 2019 8 Blog Archive

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