Common Dental Treatment Replace Missing Teeth With Dentures

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Common Dental Treatment Replace Missing Teeth With Dentures


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Common Dental Treatment: Replace Missing Teeth With Dentures Though there are a variety of available dental treatments for missing teeth only dentures and porcelain veneers are the answer. If your current teeth are beyond restoration the dentists will advice you to get a set of dentures. However before dentures can be installed all of the remaining teeth have to be removed. Other situations that may require you to get the rest of your teeth removed include broken teeth that are beyond repair severely decayed teeth where root canal cannot be performed. Other reasons maybe fractured roots root canal treatment that has failed and advanced periodontal diseases. However there are two basic types of dentures that are used- complete dentures and partial dentures. The selection of the denture is based on the number of teeth that are still in good condition or have been restored. In most cases individuals that have no teeth in the upper and lower jaw require complete dentures. These are designed to

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replace all of the original teeth. There is further sub categorization among the complete dentures which includes immediate dentures conventional dentures and over-dentures. Conversely partial dentures are used when there are one or more teeth that are missing from the same dental arch. These are dental arches or ceramic clasps that are anchored onto the natural teeth for stability. Life without your natural teeth can be different experience in the beginning. However wearing dentures can take some time to adjust to your lifestyle in the first few months. Most dentists recommend that it is better to select food items that are soft to chew until you are comfortable with the dentures. As dentures are constructed it may feel like your whole mouth is filled with them which can hamper the normal flow of speech. So if you find yourself mumbling or have difficulty in pronunciation you may do loud reading to ensure that you get back to the normal flow of speaking. Oftentimes dentures require to be realigned as the bone and gums shrink with time. This specially happens after you have your natural teeth extracted to get a complete denture. The shrinking gums may cause the denture to become loose and clicking sounds are heard when you eat or talk. If it gets very loose it can fall out of your mouth. The dental treatment will ensue and the dentures will be relined which includes adding more acrylic material to make sure that the dentures fit perfectly. In most cases the denture that has been realigned will require minor adjustments by the dentists so that the pressure points on the gums are not there. It may require more than one session to get a smooth fit and level of comfort. Although you wont get any cavities in the dentures but plaque formation happens which may lead to gum infection thrush mouth sores and irritation to the gums. Thus cleaning the dentures everyday is important. There are numerous gentle denture cleaners that you can use to have hygienically clean dentures.

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