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Folkstrain is a best IT Online training hub with industrial experts they are giving expert level training on each and every software and networking courses with live projects after completion of course providing job opportunities too and they are expertise in BA Online Training.


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1) What is meant by flow chart and why it is important? It shows complete flow of system using symbols and diagrams. Flow chart is important, because it makes the system easy to understand for developers and all concerned people. 2) What is Use case Model? It shows sequence of events and stream of actions regarding any process performed by an actor. Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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3) Is the activity diagram is important? Activity diagram is all about system activities. The maintenance of activity diagram is to show various activities taking place in an organization in different fields . 4) Mention the two names of diagrams used in field? Use case diagram Collaboration diagram Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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5) Alternate flow in Use Case? As the name implies it is the alternative solution in a use case , that should be followed in any case of failure in the system . 6) What is meant by exceptions? These are the unexpected situations or results in an application. Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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7) Difference between analysis model and design model? Analysis : It is all about understanding of requirements, problems with in requirements by breaking the whole module into sub modules. Diagrams can be made to understand and pin point problems in requirements. Designing : It is all about how the process in requirement will carry out. Like unfired modeling diagrams can help designing. simply it show's the process will be carried out in a sub module. Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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8) Non Functional requirements in BA? Nonfunctional requirements specify all the quality of service requirements. There are many types of nonfunctional requirements. Some of the common nonfunctional requirement types. Availability Compliance Interoperability Maintainability Performance Usability Security Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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9) Business Validation? Business Validation occurs after the product has been delivered to the customer in a test environment. The business when providing the requirements also comes up with acceptance criteria and expects the system to behave as per the requirements provided and successfully meet the acceptance criteria set for the delivered product. Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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10) What are the documents prepared by Business Analyst? The following are the Business Analyst need to prepare SRS FRS Use Case Business Flow Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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11) Describe the main qualities of a good requirement? The golden rule to measure the quality of a good requirement is the ‘SMART’ rule. According to this rule a requirement should be: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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12) Key skills of a business analyst? Customer Service skills Strategic thinking approach Good communication skills Collaborating with other employees and colleagues Analytical skills Leadership skills Reach us: Contact us: +1 (646) 880-9474

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