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What is sap?


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SAP : 

SAP (Human resource) 정보통계학과 지정아

Human Resources : 

Human Resources Human Resources Information System (HRIS) The Human Resources Information System is a reporting tool integrated with SAP HR that lets you request reports from inside Structural Graphics (which is a graphic representation of your organization with all departments, positions and employees). From here, reports from different components, such as Payroll, Benefits, Time Management etc..can be run from one screen without having to switch to a number of different applications for the data needed.

Manager’s Desktop : 

Manager’s Desktop

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Personnel Management Administration (종합관리) Recruitment (신규채용) Personnel Development (인적자원개발관리) Benefits(복리후생) Compensation Management (보수[봉급]관리) Personnel Cost Planning (인적비용) Management of Global Employees Budget Management (예산관리) Pension Scheme (연금계획)

Personnel Area A personnel area is an organizational entity representing an area within an enterprise defined by specific aspects of personnel administration, time management and payroll. Personnel areas are subdivided into personnel subareas. Employee Group The employee group is an organizational entity which is governed by specific personnel regulations. An employee group is divided into several employee subgroups. Employee Subgroup An employee subgroup is an organizational entity within an employee group which is governed by specific personnel regulations.

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The report is the initial part of the pension calculation. It gives an overview of the processing types to which a valid report is assigned and which the user is authorized to run.You can start the program assigned to the processing type from the overview of processing types.

Time Management Shift Planning Administration Incentive Wages Time Sheet

Time management : 

Time management Shift planning

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