Traditional Games of India

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Shatranj or Chess : 

Shatranj or Chess Chess is perhaps India's oldest and most loved board indoor game. Chess was born in India and has been played in India through centuries. It is revered as an indication of a man's intelligence and strategic capabilities. A chess set can be found in almost every Indian home. Many of India's folktales are littered with stories of kings and emperors and their chess games. In fact, even the Mahabharata has a crucial episode which involves chess. Chess is excellent for overall mental development. Many schools encourage children to pick up chess. Chess has a very positive effect on children and adults both.

Poshampa : 

Poshampa :Two people making a Gate structure and other kids make a line and pass through it… once the songs finished one of the person inside gate i taken and asked a question and accordingly decided n which team s/he goes.

Pallanguli : 

Pallanguli Pallanguli is played in the southern India. It is called the gambling game by men. The board has 14 cups with each player controlling seven. In each cup six seeds are placed. To play the game, players lift the seeds and distribute one seed in each hole. If the seeds are finished, the player goes on to his opponent’s side of the board. If the seed fall into a cup with an empty cup beyond, the seeds in the cup beyond the empty hole are captured by the player and put into his store.

Pachisi : 

Pachisi It is a board game that originated in ancient India. The name of the game ‘Pachisi’ has come from a Hindi word pachis, meaning twenty-five. The name of the game is also called Twenty five, as the largest score that can be thrown with the cowrie shells. The game is played between four players, divided into two teams. Players play with four beehive-shaped pieces in the color of black, red, yellow and green.

Tickdiya : 

Tickdiya Seeds from "Kaner" tree were collected and dried. after they are fully dried they become hard plates with thick edges. Number of games can be played out of this. All the kancha games as well taking tickdis out one by one from a circle without disturbing other tickdis. (from a lot of 300 400 tickdis… players would play for hrs)

kankad : 

kankad This Game more popular among girls is played with 5 or 7 stones. Again Lethal permutations and combinations to increase the difficulty levels. for example picking one stone from ground while three are in the air and have to catch all of them. These are few more games which are much popular when it comes down to playing with COLONY kids.

Char Bhar : 

Char Bhar Mind Boggling game which requires enough thinking. Can be compared to CHESS. here you draw three concentric squares with perpendicular bisector connecting all three squares on every side. Two players can play with 9 coins each. Idea is to eat up other person's coins. For eating up any coin one needs to make three coins in line. Very very strategic game. Why its called CHAR-Bhar? In Hindi eating is called charna (normally animals do it ). and BHAR is when you have made three coins in line.

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