Commonwealth Games 2010

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Commonwealth Games 2010 : 

Commonwealth Games 2010 Participation by 71 teams. Around 2000 staff & 18,000 volunteers. 12 days of sports & events. Feature 17 Discipline of sports.

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Around rupees 12 billion allocated to develop infrastructure. 20 cities being developed as tourist’ destinations. Massive security arrangements. Two million foreign tourists and 3.5 million domestic tourists to arrive in Delhi.

Shera, the Mascot of Games : 

Shera, the Mascot of Games Shera embodies values that the nation is proud of: 1.majesty 2. power 3. charisma 4.intelligence 5. grace

Games Village New Delhi : 

Games Village New Delhi The Games Village is spread over an area of 63.5 hectares. Created at a cost of USD 230.7 million. Equipped with modern amenities and facilities.

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