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Encouraging Education :

Encouraging Education by Eman Amjad Khan

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Name(s) of students who completed the project. Eman Amjad Khan Project Title: Encouraging Education   Social Issue Focused: Underprivileged children cannot afford school supplies   Target Area/ Community: Underprivileged kids in Sadiqabad , Punjab.  

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What have I/we done to respond to the social issue I/we have selected? Our project action details are as follows. With funding from the CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) Department of Fauji Fertilizer Company, I packed more than 1000 notebooks, some school bags and school supplies for children who cannot afford to purchase school supplies. I was actually a volunteer for a mass project by the CSR Department. I was assigned a government school, given the contact number of that school’s principal and a list which had the number of students in each class of the school; I contacted the school’s principal and told her that I would be visiting soon and that she should ensure that there is maximum attendance that day. I had to arrange my own transport to and from the school, and make packets of notebooks ( provided by FFC) according to the requirement of each class, for every student. I was also given school bags, and had to pack each bag with 6 pencils, 2 sharpeners, 2 erasers, 1 colouring book, 1 packet of colour pencils and 1 ruler. E.g. if there were 100 students in Kindergarten, then I had to make 100 packets, each having 3 note books, one of Math, one of English and one of Urdu. In this way, I had to make packets for all the children studying in that school. The school assigned to me was Basti Salah Muhammad Shah near T Chowk , Sadiqabad . I also helped my friend in the distribution of notebooks at the school assigned to her and helped many of my other friends make their packets.

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What was the outcome or the end result of the project? It was a great success, everything went smoothly. All the children registered at my target schools received their notebooks and stationary items. They were very happy to receive them and even wanted some extras.   What were the learning experiences for me? It was incredibly important to manage time and stay focused during this project. I had to make packets of notebooks, with different numbers and types of notebooks for each class. A mistake in the packing meant re opening the bags and taking out the notebooks again which would mess up the whole count as well. I also learnt how to improvise when things go wrong, e.g my friend Ramsha had made a mistake in packing the notebooks for Class1 for her school, so we had to quickly open up the bags at that school and fix the whole thing.


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