Cost of Solar and Wind Energy in India

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It presents approximate cost of installing solar and wind power system in India.


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Cost of Solar and Wind Energy in India Made by- Naman Sukhija Intern 27 May 2015 – 10 July 2015 CII – Indian Green Building Council 1

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• The cost-competitiveness of renewable power generation technologies has reached historic levels. • Biomass for power hydropower geothermal and onshore wind can all now provide electricity competitively compared to fossil fuel-fired power generation. • The levelled cost of electricity of solar PV has halved between 2010 and 2014 so that solar photovoltaics PV is also increasingly competitive at the utility scale. • Installed costs for onshore wind power solar PV and concentrating solar power CSP have continued to fall while their performance has improved. 2

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Component 1KWp Rupees of total cost PV Modules Crystalline 52000 ₹ 52 Inverters 23000 ₹ 23 Balance of Systems Cables etc. 17000₹ 17 Installation 8000 ₹ 8 Total 100000 ₹ Cost Of 1 KWp Photovoltaic Rooftop Panel Without Battery And Depreciation 4

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Subsidy provided by MNRE Ministry of Renewable Energy for various categories 5

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S.N Component Cost ₹ 1. Cost of a 1 kW rooftop solar plant with battery backup. 160000 2. Benchmark Cost 170000 3. Subsidy 30 of actual cost 48000 Total 112000 Cost of 1 KW Solar Power System including battery backup and Subsidy without depreciation. 6

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 Total cost of wind power systems are dependent upon local market.  Capital cost breakdown of an onshore wind power system and turbine 70 13 9 8 Cost Breakdown in Percentage Wind Turbine Foundation Grid Connection Planning and miscellaneous 8

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Country Installation Cost for 1KW Capacity Factor Percentage India 80000 ₹ - 100000 ₹ 20 - 30 Cost of 1 KW Onshore Wind Turbine system. The cost and price stated in this presentation are a general idea and approximate values. Current price may vary from the price stated above and may be different from market to market. 9

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