Increasing premium term life insurance

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Increasing premium term life insurance:

Increasing premium term life insurance

Policy structure:

Policy structure Sum Insured 500,000 Policy term 10-20 years and renewable thereafter Premium Note : Entry age assumed 24 years Premium Payment options monthly and half yearly also available 1 st Year 1200 2 nd Year 1800 3 rd Year 2400 5 Th Year 3600 8 th Year 4800 10 th Year 6000 15 th Year 9000 20 th Year 12000

Policy Structure continued…:

Policy Structure continued… SURVIVAL BENEFIT Not applicable DEATH BENEFIT Total sum assured.


Policy Target Customer Fresher with age of 22-24 Policy Innovation Aspects First of kind in term policy to provide flexibility in premium paid Initial premiums being lowest in the market with compared to peers in term policy Additional Rider benefits like accident, child, disability Rebate under income tax

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