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Woodward’s ruleexample:1 : 

Woodward’s ruleexample:1 Base value=253 Ring residue=4x5=20 Exocyclic ring-2x5=10

Example:2 : 

Example:2 Homocyclic diene=253 Conjugation-30 Exocyclic-15 Substituents-25 Total=323

Example:3 : 

Example:3 Acyclic diene=217 Substituents=3x5=15 Total=232

Example:4 : 

Example:4 heteroannular diene = 214 nm 4 alkyl subs. (4 x 5) +20 nm 1 exo C=C + 5 nm total= 239 nm

Example:5 : 

Example:5 homoannular diene = 253 nm 4 alkyl subs. (4 x 5) +20 nm 1 exo C=C + 5 nm total= 278 nm

example:6 : 

example:6 Base value=214 Alkyl sub=3x5=15 Ext conj=30

Example:7 : 

Example:7 Base value=215 Alkyl=4x5=20 Exo cyclic=5

Enone-1 : 

Enone-1 Base value=215 Beta carbon=12 Total=227

Enone-2 : 

Enone-2 Base value=215 Ext conj=30 Gamma=17 Delta=17 Exo=5 Total=284

Enone-3 : 

Enone-3 Base value=215 Homoannular=39 Ext conj=30 Gamma=17 Delta=34 Total=335

Enone=4 : 

Enone=4 Base value=215 Alpha=10 Beta=12 Exo=5 Total=242

Enone=5 : 

Enone=5 Base value=215 Ext conj=30+30=60 Homocyclic=39 Beta=12 pica=17 hexa=34 Exo=5 Total=382

Enone=6 : 

Enone=6 Base value=215 Ext conj=60 Subst=63 Exo cyclic=15 Total=353

Enone-7 : 

Enone-7 Base value=215 Beta carbon=12 Total=227

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