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Chapter 1 : 

Chapter 1 Introduction to Advertising

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Conti… The American Marketing Association, defines as “any, paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, and services by an identified sponsor.” John E. Kennedy described advertising as “ salesmanship in print”(1905). Sidney Bernstein reinforces Kennedy’s definition by describing “advertising as a substitute for the human salesman”

Advertising as a tool of communication : 

Advertising as a tool of communication Advertising is the most visible marketing tool which seeks to transmit an effective message from the marketer to a group of individuals. The marketer pays for sponsoring the advertising activity. Advertising, unlike salesmanship which interacts with a buyer face-to-face, is non personal. It is directed at a mass audience; and not at an individual, as in personal selling. Though marketers use advertising, basically it is a communication process, not ordinary communication but marketing communication. It is received by a large number of people, through the mass media it is called mass communication.

The communication process : 

The communication process The following diagram Sender Encodes the message Encoded Message in media Decoding of the message Receiver Feedback

Advertising in Marketing Communication process : 

Advertising in Marketing Communication process The marketing communication mix consist of four major tools: Advertising Sales promotion Publicity Personal selling Public Relations

The marketing communication process : 

The marketing communication process Diagram Marketing manager or company Consumer Advertising Publicity Sales presentation Target audience interpretation Ad. Media Salesmen Public relation Feedback (Marketing Research sales report

Fundamentals of Advertising : 

Fundamentals of Advertising Product : advertising does not add an intrinsic value to the product; no amount of marketing and advertising effort can sell a bad product to all the customers all the time. The other elements in planning for effective advertising are packaging, trade mark and such other physical and psychic attributes of the products as its taste, color, style and design.

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Conti…. Product classification Consumer goods; - Convenience goods - Shopping goods - Specialty goods Industrial goods - Raw materials - Capital goods - Operating supplies

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Conti… Product Life Cycle Changing Market New Product Packaging

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Conti…. Price ; Price is an important consideration in buying decisions. For comparison purpose Price is indicative of quality

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Conti… Place (Channel of Distribution) ; Convenience goods need the maximum exposure and widespread distribution at low cost Shopping goods need adequate representation in all the major shopping centers, Specialty goods may have a limited availability. The supplies of industrial goods , widespread distribution and prompt delivery are required.

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Social aspect Economical aspect Ethical aspect

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