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Foot spa treatment will really help you relax, after a long day of work and stress. Get a Foot Spa treatment at your home from MyGlamm Spa services to pamper your feet and keep them strong and flexible.


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6 Amazing Benefits Of Getting A Regular Foot Spa:

6 Amazing Benefits Of Getting A Regular Foot Spa Spa Treatment at Home

Feel Refreshed & Re-energized:

Feel Refreshed & Re-energized Because your feet never take a day off, it is important to give them tender love and care every 15 days or at least once a month. Indulging yourself in a timely foot spa not just helps improve your blood circulation but also, restores energy in your body. Spa at Home - MyGlamm

Helps Fight Stress & Anxiety:

Helps Fight Stress & Anxiety Did you know? The impact of a great foot spa session is such that it helps you deal with stress and depression. It helps you relieve the tensions of a hard day and relaxes you. Spa at Home - MyGlamm

Gives Relief From Severe Arthritic Pain:

Gives Relief From Severe Arthritic Pain A foot spa helps you get rid of tensions in the joints and muscles. It is also very helpful to people suffering from arthritis as they’re given a special treatment using seaweed which helps in reducing pain instantly. Spa at Home - MyGlamm

Helps Reduce Headache:

Helps Reduce Headache Studies suggest that all those suffering from frequent headache and migraine problems show great improvement post a foot spa session. That’s because the nerve points are found in the feet. A light massage during the foot spa treatment is very helpful in treating such symptoms. Spa at Home - MyGlamm

Helps Treat Insomnia:

Helps Treat Insomnia Better Sleep = Better Life There are so many cases of insomnia and no concrete solution to it has been found yet. However, it is believed that a foot spa can help treat insomnia. Spa at Home - MyGlamm

Helps in Detoxification:

Helps in Detoxification A foot spa treatment involves foot cleansing procedure which is helpful in detoxifying the liver and kidney, strengthening the immune system & reducing wrinkles and acne. Spa at Home - MyGlamm

Foot Spa at Home – Book Now!:

Foot Spa at Home – Book Now! What better season than summers to pamper your feet? They don’t deserve to be sweaty and smelly all day. If you’ve been taking your feet for granted, STOP now & book your home spa treatment right away. Call 1800 103 1516 Select from our range of foot spas to get the best spa treatment ever, that too, in the comfort of your home!

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